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12/26/2013  Local News - 1000 Days of Fishing (03:28)
Keith Miller is from Waco. He challenged himself to catch a fish every day for a year-as part of an effort to raise money for a fishing program for inner-city kids. One year became two years, and two years became 1000 days in a row and he's continued to fish for charity-even as his casting shoulder has been worked to shreds. KWBU's Ryland Barton caught up with Keith for the 998th day.
12/13/2013  Local News - Improving Data on Child Homelessness (02:24)
There are 830 homeless children enrolled at Waco ISD. But in Waco, there's not enough emergency shelter for children who find themselves without a place to go. KWBU's Jordan Corona reports that we don't have good data on kids who just couch surf.
12/12/2013  Local News - Waco Civic Theatre Sets British Farce in Dallas (02:08)
Cash on Delivery is the latest play going on at the Waco Civic Theater. Traditionally, it's a British farce, but the director has set this production in Dallas, Texas. The play runs December 6-15 and KWBU's Ryland Barton stopped by a rehearsal to talk to the cast.
12/12/2013  Local News - Waco Feast of Sharing 2013 (01:56)
HEB hosted the 24th annual Waco Feast of Sharing dinner last night. It?s a holiday tradition in Waco where residents enjoy a free meal and entertainment. KWBU's Ryland Barton stopped by.
12/11/2013  Local News - Waco ISD Readying for Statewide Curriculum Changes (02:21)
Next year, Texas ninth graders will have a new graduation plan to navigate. The state is rolling out a plan that allows students to get specialized diplomas in engineering/math, business, public service, and the humanities. The final rules to the new curriculum are being still being tacked together. And As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, Waco ISD has had to work quickly to make those changes mandated by the state.
12/05/2013  Local News - Waco's Child Poverty Rate Up 58% Over Last Decade (02:58)
Texas is home to one in eleven of the nation's children. The state prides itself as a job-creator and a place that has largely weathered the recession. But according to a recent study, child poverty rates have boomed over the last decade despite low unemployment rates. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports that over the last decade, McLennan County had one of the fastest growing child poverty rates in the state.
12/03/2013  Local News - Coach Teaff Remembers Floyd Casey Stadium (03:55)
This Saturday is Baylor football's last game at Floyd Casey Stadium. They're playing the University of Texas Longhorns in a game that in some ways parallels a watershed moment in Baylor Football history: the so-called Miracle on the Brazos in 1974. KWBU's Ryland Barton caught up with former Baylor head coach Grant Teaff.
11/22/2013  Local News - Waco Remembers JFK Assassination (02:50)
The Poage Library at Baylor is marking the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death with an exhibit examining his career, family and assassination. Today the public was invited to give their remembrances of the president. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
11/21/2013  Local News - Affordable Care Act Rolling Out in McLennan County (02:00)
The rollout of has been shaky. The website wasn't ready for the rush of traffic it received starting October 1st. As a result, few have been able to sign up. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports that some Waco healthcare providers have found more success signing people up in person.
11/15/2013  Local News - Why are wages so low in Waco? (03:19)
Forty percent of households in Waco make less than $25,000 per year. That's a problem for a city that has aspirations to compete with Dallas and Austin. The City of Waco commissioned an employment research firm to study why Waco's wages are so low. And what the city can do to help. The full results will come in early 2014, but as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, we do have some of the initial numbers.
11/14/2013  Local News - Baylor Stadium On Track, Half Finished (02:19)
Baylor football is having a great year. The Bears are ranked number 5 in the country and are shooting for an undefeated season. And, the team is getting a brand new $260 million dollar stadium next year. Rain has set the project back about 20 days, but as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, Baylor says it's on track and almost halfway done.
11/12/2013  Local News - Veteran Owned Small Businesses Look For Money (02:27)
If you're a veteran trying to start a small business, finding the money for an initial investment can be difficult. Vets often lack the cash reserves or extensive business experience that civilians might develop in school or the workforce. But as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, starting next year, some loans will be more available to vets.
11/08/2013  Local News - Identifying Eye Cancer In Kids Using A Digital Camera (02:48)
Retinoblastoma is a form of eye cancer that occurs in children under the age of 5. It can be fatal if it spreads to the brain, but early detection can minimize the damage. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, one Baylor professor is researching a cheap, noninvasive way to spot the disease.
11/06/2013  Local News - Too Rich for Medicaid, Too Poor for Health Exchange (02:43)
Texas is one of 25 states that didn't expand Medicaid coverage under the affordable care act. The expansion would have put more Texans on federal healthcare rolls and provided more federal dollars for Texas' state-run health programs. KWBU's reporting intern Jordan Corona reports that some Texans will make too much money to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to qualify for health exchange tax credits.
11/04/2013  Local News - State Water Fund Could Help Small Town Texas (02:45)
Marlin, Texas has fewer than 6,000 people, but it's slated to have a new reservoir built under Texas' State Water Plan. Tomorrow, Texans will vote on proposition 6--a ballot measure on whether the state should set aside $2 billion dollars to start funding water projects like Marlin's. But KWBU's Ryland Barton reports that even if the proposition passes, it's unclear if the project will see the light of day.
11/01/2013  Local News - Waco ISD Incentivizes Attendance (02:47)
Waco ISD is incentivizing kids to come to school. Every student that had perfect attendance during the first six weeks of school got a ticket to the movies and a coupon for a box of popcorn. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, attendance at elementary schools has remained high, but a few middle schools and high schools are behind.
10/31/2013  Local News - Fort Hood Recycling Aims For Zero Waste (02:12)
Fort Hood is one of the biggest military installations in the world and the Army wants it to have zero waste going into its landfill by 2020. It might seem ambitious, but in just two years, they've already cut back over 20% of would-be trash. KWBU's Ryland Barton the story.
10/25/2013  Local News - A Postcard from Waco's World Hunger Relief Farm (02:43)
KWBU's reporting intern Jordan Corona spent last summer working on the World Hunger Relief farm and he filed this postcard about his time there.
10/17/2013  Local News - Natural Gas Trucking Grows in Texas (02:50)
Yesterday General Motors announced they'll be selling a mid-sized sedan that can be powered by either gasoline or compressed natural gas. That might have you wondering...where do you go to fill up your car with natural gas? Starting in January: Waco. You can thank the Dairy Farmers of America for that. KWBU's Ryland Barton has the story.
10/15/2013  Local News - Primary Healthcare Shifts Amid Physician Shortage (03:34)
There aren't as many primary care doctors in the US as there used to be. And with the Affordable Care Act rolling out, there's about to be a lot more people getting a checkup. Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants are poised to fill the gap. KWBU's Ryland Barton has the story.
10/11/2013  Local News - After Grocery Stores Close, Neighborhood Left Without Fresh Food (03:41)
In August, two HEB grocery stores closed in one of Waco's lowest-income neighborhoods. That's left those who don't have cars--dependent on buses or friends and family to take them to the store. KWBU's reporting intern Jordan Carona caught up with a Baylor political science class that's studying this possible 'food desert.'
09/27/2013  Local News - Hippodrome on Track for January Opening (03:40)
The Hippodrome has been closed for three years, but its new owners say the theater is on track to open back up this January. KWBU's Ryland Barton got a tour of the building, which is undergoing some major renovations.
09/25/2013  Local News - The Prince of South Waco (03:28)
Tony Castro grew up in Waco at a time when racial boundaries that were once clear-cut began to crumble. In Castro's new book, 'The Prince of South Waco,' he tells the tale of how he overcame racism in school and love. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, it all starts with a middle school dance
09/20/2013  Local News - Buzzard Billy's Waits for Brazos Revitalization (03:17)
Sitting just off the frontage road, Buzzard Billy's Bar and Grill has become totally obscured by construction on the I-35 Bridge. They've lost a lot of business in the past year and can expect the same pace for the next year. But as KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, they might soon have one of the best spots in town.
09/18/2013  Local News - 'Wacotown' Mural Gets an Update (02:30)
The Wacotown mural is getting an update. The wall with the green and gold bear in a Heisman pose will now count down the months until the new Baylor Football stadium opens. But the muralist says it's not just about the University, RG III, or Football - it's become a downtown icon. KWBU's Ryland Barton has the story.
09/13/2013  Local News - Baylor Collaborative Strives to Unite Research and Industry (02:53)
Baylor's new research collaborative is open for business. Built in the shell of the old General Tire factory, the "BRIC" is designed to jump start Waco's high tech industry and provide real-world applications for Baylor students and faculty. KWBU's Ryland Barton hast the story.
09/11/2013  Local News - Humane Society Moves Towards 'No Kill' Status (03:21)
The Humane Society of Central Texas is working towards becoming a no-kill shelter. That means a euthanization rate of less than 10%. In order to accomplish that, the city is requiring dogs and cats to be spayed and neutered, except in special situations. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports.
09/06/2013  Local News - Waco Leverages Water Rights to Preserve Reservoir (03:45)
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says that the City of Waco is holding back water that belongs to a water rights holder downstream. But Waco has even older water rights that it hasn't cashed in on. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, the city's bargaining chip is an old Water Treatment Plant.
09/04/2013  Local News - Immigration Reform at Waco Townhall (03:18)
With Congress coming back from its summer recess next week, yesterday Representative Bill Flores held a town hall in Waco to gauge public opinion on key issues. In our ongoing series on immigration reform, KWBU's Ryland Barton talked with Representative Flores about immigration reform legislation working its way through the Capitol.
08/30/2013  Local News - Lake Waco Spotlight, Part 1 (03:57)
Lake levels across Texas have dwindled in the face of record-setting heat and dry spells over the past years. But Lake Waco has never dipped below its conservation level of 452 feet...the City of Waco hasn't even had to impose water restrictions. In the first of a series on water in the Brazos River Valley, KWBU's Ryland Barton reports on Lake Waco's resilience and a looming challenge.
08/28/2013  Local News - 50 Years After the March on Washington (02:20)
The 50th anniversary of the March on Washington marks a point in which Americans can measure the development of the country since the civil rights movement of the 1960's. KWBU's Ryland Barton talked with Waco's Dalton Gooden, an African American and president of Waco's Carver Neighborhood association, to find out how far we've come and how far we need to go.
08/21/2013  Local News - Baylor Students Move In to New Dorm (01:57)
It's move-in day at Baylor. We caught up with some of the undergraduates moving into the new Teal Dorm in the East Village Housing Complex. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports on how Baylor plans to keep more students on campus with new facilities.
08/19/2013  Local News - Musicians Leave War-Torn Syria to Study in Waco (05:50)
Last year, we brought you the story of a Baylor professor who travels to war-torn countries in the Middle East to teach music. As KWBU's Ryland Barton reports, two of his students have made it out of war-torn Syria to continue their studies in Waco.
08/19/2013  Local News - New Baylor Stadium 30 Percent Complete (01:55)
The new Baylor Football Stadium is one year into its two-year construction schedule. The 260-million-dollar project will hold 45-thousand fans. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports on the progress.
08/09/2013  Local News - J.H. Hines Elementary School (03:45)
In the 2013-2014 school year, East Waco's J.H. Hines Elementary School is implementing a new strategy to deal with boys who have behavior issues and flagging grades. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports on the new initiative, which was started by the late Dr. Rita Pierson.
08/07/2013  Local News - Immigration (04:29)
In March of this year, KWBU reported on a Waco couple struggling through the U.S. immigration system. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports on how they could be affected by the bipartisan immigration reform bill currently working its way through the U.S. Capitol.
08/05/2013  Local News - Oak Farms (03:45)
Waco's Oak Farms milk plant announced they will be laying off about 150 workers this summer. The closure is being made to consolidate production and comes at a time when other big Waco employers are shedding jobs. KWBU's Ryland Barton reports that not everyone's leaving town.
06/03/2013  Local News - Legal Aid for Low-Income Veterans (02:27)
According the US Census Bureau, over 17,500 veterans lived in McLennan County as of 2011. Last August, a Baylor law professor launched a project to serve low-income veterans in need of legal assistance throughout Waco. As the project nears its one-year anniversary, KWBU's Becky Fogel checks in on its progress.
05/29/2013  Local News - Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness (04:56)
Since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she 16 years old, Samantha Cunningham has seen growing awareness about mental illness but thinks there's still a long way to go. As part of May's Mental Health Awareness Month, KWBU's Becky Fogel sat down with Samantha and her mother, Cynthia. Together they learned about and tackled Samantha's mental illness.
05/22/2013  Local News - Support for Gay Marriage Among Baylor Students (02:51)
Just a few days ago, Brittney Griner told ESPN that Baylor coaching staff asked her to keep her sexuality private. In the last days of the semester, KWBU's intern-reporter Sahara Price, took a look at how students at the university feel about homosexuality and gay marriage, in particular.
05/17/2013  Local News - Source of Fire at West Fertilizer Co. Undetermined (0:48)
It has been one month since a blast occurred at the West Fertilizer Co., killing 15 people and injuring 200 more. The results of a multi-agency investigation revealed that somewhere between 28 and 34 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded. However, the cause of the fire and subsequent blast remain unknown. KWBU's Becky Fogel has more.
05/15/2013  Local News - Baylor Band Gains International Exposure (03:12)
Many bands dream of becoming an international sensation. This became a reality for The Pacific Swell who saw one of their performances on Youtube gain traction throughout Asia. KWBU's intern-reporter, Sahara Price, reports.
04/29/2013  Local News - A Space for Women's Voices (02:58)
Every Monday in Waco, a group of women gathers to share their words and stories - and in the process find their voices. KWBU's intern-reporter, Sahara Price, learned why an all-female space is important for some women writers. A look at the workshop, 'In the Words of Womyn.'
04/19/2013  Local News - Governor Perry in West (18:26)
On Friday afternoon, Governor Perry was in West to assess the damage following the West Fertilizer Plant explosion. The following is the unedited press conference during which he, the mayor, and others addressed reporters.
04/19/2013  Local News - Press Conference Addressing West Relief Efforts (03:58)
Jason Reyes, a DPS spokesman, confirmed that 12 bodies had been recovered following the explosion at West Fertilizer plant Wednesday night. This is the unedited audio from a press conference held on April 19th at 8:30 a.m.
04/15/2013  Local News - Loyalty to Country, Not Party (04:21)
Senator George Mitchell, who represented Maine from 1980-1995, says American politics has always been rough and tumble. Yet, in his opinion partisan gridlock is currently at its worst. Mitchell tells KWBU's Becky Fogel that relationship-building and trust is key to bipartisanship. (This is the second in a two-part series of interviews with Senator Mitchell.
04/12/2013  Local News - An Inevitable End: George Mitchell on Conflict (04:53)
Senator George Mitchell's leadership has spanned domestic and international spheres. Before he joins Baylor President Ken Starr for the On Topic series next week, we'll be featuring a 2-part series on what he envisions for America's future. In the first installment, KWBU's Becky Fogel takes a look at the role of the United States abroad.
04/12/2013  Local News - International Students Adjust to Life Abroad (03:16)
College students are usually encouraged to study abroad, but for international students the United States is abroad. KWBU's Sahara Price learns how former and current international students adjusted to life at Baylor University.
04/10/2013  Local News - Fund it to Fix it: Waco Leaders Call for Medicaid Expansion (05:04)
Gathered at the State Capitol on April 1, 2013, Republican leaders like Governor Rick Perry and U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, reiterated their opposition to Medicaid expansion in Texas. While other Republican governors like Chris Christie (New Jersey) and Rick Scott (Florida) have decided to accept Medicaid expansion after previously opposing this component of the Affordable Care Act, Perry has been adamantly against it. Yet in communities like Waco, local leaders have been pushing state legislators to reconsider. After a joint meeting of Waco's political and educational officials in January, three agencies-McLennan Community College, Waco ISD, and Waco City Council-signed a resolution calling for Medicaid expansion in the state. (The McLennan County Commissioners' Court did not pass the resolution.) KWBU's Becky Fogel hears from local officials and the head of the Waco Family Health Center, which primarily serves low-income and uninsured patients, about the potential impact Medicaid expansion could have locally.
03/27/2013  Local News - Marriage Equality Forum Held at Waco Church (04:57)
The day before the Supreme Court began hearing arguments on Proposition 8, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Waco held a Marriage Equality Forum. At the event, Dave and Curtis, a Waco-based couple who got married in California in July of 2008, described the rights they lack in Texas where same-sex marriage has been outlawed. KWBU's Becky Fogel reports.
03/25/2013  Local News - On to the Next One (01:21)
When Brittney Griner exited the game against Prairie View A&M, she had scored 33 points. At that time, the Panthers had only scored 33 points as a whole. The final score was 82 to 40, Baylor. In an electrifying first round game of the NCAA Tournament, Griner dunked for the 15th time. Odyssey Sims, who had the assist on Griner's dunk, also had a stellar game with five steals and zero turnovers. KWBU's Becky Fogel was at the Ferrell Center for the March 24th game.
03/21/2013  Local News - Head Start Programs in Central Texas Confront Budget Shortfalls (04:46)
Even before sequestration, early childhood education programs were dealing with a lack of funding. KWBU's intern-reporter, Sahara Price, takes a look at how Head Start programs in Texas are dealing with budget cuts.
03/20/2013  Local News - Death Along the Border (05:19)
According to the Pew Hispanic Center, for the first time in four decades immigration to the United States from Mexico is at a standstill. However, the number of deaths along the U.S. Mexico border are rising. Baylor University's Dr. Lori Baker has spent the last 10 years working to identify people who have died on the border and repatriate their remains to family members. KWBU's Becky Fogel learned more about Dr. Baker's efforts.
03/13/2013  Local News - Saying No to "Yes Men": PR and Ethics (03:26)
Ethics has become a hot topic in the public relations field. The work of Baylor University's Dr. Marlene Neill has largely focused on this issue and in early February she was named to the national Board of Ethics and Professional Standards for the Public Relations Society of America. KWBU's intern-reporter, Sahara Price, sat down with Dr. Neill to discuss her research on ethics and in particular the ethical challenges faced by young professionals.
03/08/2013  Local News - No Guarantee: Spouses of US Citizens and the Naturalization Process (06:21)
For 10 weeks, Eloisa Haynes waited in Mexico City. Back in Waco, her husband Nick; who was in graduate school, was working to get a waiver allowing her to return to the United States. When Eloisa and Nick married, she was undocumented. Without a waiver, she would be barred from returning to the US for a minimum of 10 years. The waiver was granted, allowing Eloisa to return and become a conditional permanent resident. After 2 years, she adjusted her status again becoming a legal permanent resident. A year and a half ago, she applied for citizenship. In early February, her application was denied. KWBU's Becky Fogel met with the couple to learn about their experiences navigating the current immigration system.
03/05/2013  Local News - This is What a Dunks Sounds Like (01:08)
50. That's the number of points Brittney Griner scored against Kansas State in the final game of the regular season, setting a Big 12 single-game scoring record. Yet the night wasn't just a record setting one, it was also Senior Night. KWBU's Becky Fogel was at the Ferrell Center.
02/27/2013  Local News - Make Way for Bikers (03:50)
Making room for bikers and pedestrians could mean a healthier population in McLennan County. Bob Simonette, a board member with the Heart of Texas Safe Roads Coalition, has seen this through first-hand experience, losing 70 pounds since he took up biking. Simonette and about 15 other Waco residents were out at a meeting held by the Metropolitan Planning Organization to provide input on where they'd like to see new bike lanes and sidewalks. KWBU's Becky Fogel learned that when it comes to access for pedestrians and bikers, it?s as much about recreation as it is about safety.
02/20/2013  Local News - Cultivating Compassion: Christianity and Immigration Reform (04:24)
As President Obama and the Senate?s ?Gang of Eight? work on proposals for comprehensive immigration reform, religious groups across the United States have rallied in support. One, the Evangelical Immigration Table, has created the ?I Was a Stranger? Challenge. This campaign encourages evangelical Christians to read one bible passage a day?for 40 days?that relates to ?God?s heart for immigrants.? In Waco, a group of church leaders have taken us this challenge. KWBU?s Becky Fogel talks to one pastor whose own passion for immigration reform comes less from scripture than it does from witnessing the struggles of his parishioners.
02/19/2013  Local News - Baylor Professors Oppose SB 182 (01:23)
On February 18, 2013, two Baylor University professors delivered a petition to the Waco district office of State Senator Brian Birdwell (R-Granbury). In a few days, professors Blake Burleson and Robin Wallace had collected 120 signatures from faculty and staff who oppose SB 182. This bill, authored and sponsored by Birdwell, would allow concealed handgun license holders to carry firearms on university campuses in Texas. KWBU's Becky Fogel was at the Senator's office to hear why these professors are against the bill.
02/17/2013  Local News - The Return of the Waco Music Co-Op (04:21)
About 10 years ago, there was a thriving live music scene in Waco. Now, a local folk musician is looking to rebuild it. In the spring of 2012, Ryan Pickop revived the Waco Music Co-Op with a new logo and all. KWBU's Becky Fogel joined Pickop in the group's shared practice space/semi-headquarters: a storage unit.
02/06/2013  Local News - More Than Plows, Cows, and Sows (03:37)
On February 3, 2013 a dedication event was held for the new Midway ISD Agriculture Science Instruction Facility. The push to replace the over 20 year old building came as the school district has seen a huge increase in the number of students participating in the National FFA Organization, also known as the Future Farmers of America. KWBU's Becky Fogel visited the Ag Barn to learn more about initiatives that expose youth to agriculture.
01/28/2013  Local News - Study Finds Hypnosis Reduces Hot Flashes (04:56)
Dr. Gary Elkins, Director of the Mind-Body Research Laboratory at Baylor University, found that hypnosis could play a significant role in reducing hot flashes for postmenopausal. KWBU's Becky Fogel learned more about this alternative treatment that allows women to sidestep other medications such as hormone therapy.
01/25/2013  Local News - Robots, They're Just Like Us (01:50)
Have you ever seen those sections of celebrity magazines where they're supposed to be just like us? They're tying their shoes, wearing sweatpants, or even reaching for a box of cereal, allowing us normal folks to see what we share in common. Well, it turns out robots are a lot like us by design and through the creation of artificial intelligence humans have been able to gain a deeper understanding of how our own minds work. A new exhibit at Baylor University's Mayborn Museum, set to open January 26th, explores the world of artificial intelligence. The interactive exhibit features a variety of human-like robots, including a very chatty one named Lena. KWBU's Becky Fogel has this story.
01/16/2013  Local News - An Uncertain Path to the Priesthood (04:28)
During the week of January 14th, 2013, NPR launched the series "Losing Our Religion" which explored why greater numbers of young people seem to be struggling with religion and faith. KWBU's Becky Fogel spoke to a local priest, who's own path to priesthood was accompanied by doubt. Yet this uncertainty has shaped his view of religion and how he works as a religious leader.
01/16/2013  Local News - The 60th Anniversary of the Dr Pepper Hour (01:36)
On January 15th, 2013 Baylor students turned out in droves to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Dr Pepper Hour on campus. Started in 1952 by Mrs. Marie Mathis as a social hour featuring coffee and board games, it provided a chance for students to take a break from their daily routines. Decades later, the Dr Pepper Hour is still giving students that chance to relax and most importantly during college - eat some snacks!
01/11/2013  Local News - With Limited Legal Options, Some in Deportation Proceedings Turn to Social Media (04:14)
President Obama has said comprehensive immigration reform is a top priority during his second term. But for people currently in deportation proceedings, social media is providing a way to push for change without new laws in place. KWBU's Becky Fogel reports.
01/07/2013  Local News - Burgers, Tacos, or Franks: Let the Crowd Decide (04:55)
This week, a pair of entrepreneurial Baylor grads plan to reveal the concept for a new restaurant at 1401 Speight, a concept they didn't come up with by themselves. The couple relied on social media-driven voting to pick the restaurant's theme, and KWBU's Becky Fogel caught up with them outside of the future restaurant site to hear more about this process.
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