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  • StoryCorps - Carol and Stephen Salvesen
    [08/03/2011] Carol and Stephen Salvesen have been married over 35 years. They look back on their relationship, the highs and lows of being married and having a family. Stephen proposed to Carol in 1975 when she was just 19. (03:14)
  • StoryCorps - Classie Ballou
    [07/27/2011] Classie Ballou grew up in Louisiana and started playing the scrub bow when he was six years old. He later became an internationally acclaimed Zydeco music artist, playing Creole style music. (03:36)
  • StoryCorps - Patty Cross and Grant Cross
    [07/20/2011] When Patty Cross found out she had liver cancer the outlook on her life expectancy diminished considerably, doctors told her not many survive with this type of cancer. Eight years later Patty is around to talk about it with her son Grant, thanks to him donating part of his liver to save her. (03:46)
  • StoryCorps - Henry Carter
    [07/13/2011] n the 1950s Henry Carter's parents purchased a home on the edge of Cameron Park. As a child, Cameron Park served as a place of wonderment and adventure for himself and the neighborhood children. (03:00)
  • StoryCorps - Ashley Palmer and Steven Boyes
    [07/06/2011] Ashley Palmer and Steven Boyes were best friends growing up. However, it wasn't until college that their friendship turned into romance, and quickly marriage. (03:53)
  • StoryCorps - Faye and Monica Gutierrez
    [06/29/2011] Both mother and daughter talk about the struggles of balancing their Mexican heritage and family values about dating and love with American societal norms. (02:35)
  • StoryCorps - Joel and Becky Scott
    [06/22/2011] As a continuation on Father?s Day, this week's StoryCorps features Joel and Becky Scott. Becky interviews her husband asking Joel his thoughts on their children and parenting. (03:49)
  • Storycorps - Carlos Sanchez
    [06/15/2011] Carlos Sanchez is Editor of the Waco Tribune Herald. 19 years ago, his first child, a son, Alec Sanchez, was born. Alec interviews his father and asks about his first experiences being a dad. (03:58)
  • StoryCorps - Alpha Ovman Tounkara, Susan Peterson
    [06/08/2011] Alpha Ovman Tounkara sits down with his wife Susan Peterson to discuss their marriage. Susan, a teacher from the United States, and Alpha Ovman, from Guinea, are a day away from their trip to return to his home country. Since moving to the United States their marriage hasn?t been without its challenges. (03:39)
  • StoryCorps - Carlton
    [06/01/2011] Ellen Louise and Stephen Carleton speak with their granddaughter, Caitlin Burt, about their marriage: how they met, how he proposed, and one of the challenges they faced in their relationship, tension over an evening snack. (03:32)
  • StoryCorps - Frank Curre Full Audio
    [05/30/2011] (57:39)
  • StoryCorps - Frank Curre, Part II
    [05/24/2011] (02:41)
  • StoryCorps - Frank Curre, Part I
    [05/18/2011] When he was told he was too small to build army cots, Frank Curre went home and told his mom he was joining the Navy. Less than a year later, he found himself at ground zero the day of the Pearl Harbor attack December 7, 1941. Please note that this segment contains graphic descriptions of war. (02:35)
  • StoryCorps - Walter and Nan Holmes
    [05/05/2011] (02:39)
  • StoryCorps - Edith Avery and Sarah Downs
    [05/05/2011] Edith Avery talks with her daughter Sarah Downs on motherhood. At 71, Edith has raised 4 children all while being a wife, homemaker, and career woman. Sarah, Edith?s daughter, has children of her own. Their Story will be archived in the Library of Congress. (03:40)
  • StoryCorps - Groblewski
    [04/18/2011] Michael Edward Groblewski talks with his roommate, friend and family member Humberto Estrada on coming to terms with his debilitating disease. After hearing of his diagnosis 10 years ago, Groblewski made choices about the direction of his life, some he was proud of, others he?s learned from. Their Story will be archived in the Library of Congress. (03:26)
  • StoryCorps: Elton Stuckley
    [04/11/2011] Elton Stuckley grew up in a small rural town 27 miles northeast of Waco. He remembers working on the farm as early as the age of five. His family was dependent on the land and the weather for survival. (03:10)
  • StoryCorps - Regina Joann Blair and Billy Adams
    [04/04/2011] Regina Joann Blair, speaks with her father's best friend Billy Adams. Adams met Blair in Ft. Worth, TX in 1978, they were both shoe repairmen. Adams remembers Joseph, how he inspired people--even when aspirations were low. Despite having a modest life; Blair's daughter Regina, got a scholarship to MIT and later received a law degree. (03:13)
  • Story Corps - Dale Black, PanAm
    [03/25/2011] Dale Black grew up in Waco, and after college she couldn't get out of town fast enough. She became a flight stewardess and traveled the world with PanAm Arilines. The experience took her many places, even to Vietnam during the war. (02:42)
  • Story Corps - Linda Eldredge
    [03/21/2011] Linda Eldridge, a native Texan from Austin, found her calling working with people who are deaf-blind. She tells her partner Lee Mottern the profound impact a movie had on her as a young child. (03:10)

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