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12/17/2009  News - Storybook Christmas Brightens Student's Holiday 09.12.17 (04:24)
A Storybook Christmas has spent two decades giving free books to schoolchildren throughout the county each Christmas, working to improve and promote literacy in the region. Thursday they delivered books to students at one area school. KWBU's Derek Smith was there.
12/16/2009  News - Much Needed Interstate Expansion Project Comes to Waco 09.12.16 (03:43)
And that main street is getting wider throughout the county. Ken Roberts, public information officer for Txdot's Waco district says changes in town will be primarily on frontage roads in the city, with lanes added north and south of town.
12/10/2009  News - Winter Tradition Continues with Waco Symphony's Holiday Pops 09.12.10 (03:16)
This Friday evening will mark the second consecutive snowy Friday here in Waco. OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. But the annual indoor snowfall at the Symphony's Holiday Pops concert may remind people of lunchtime last Friday, this time inside of Waco Hall instead of out of it. The show itself will remind regular attendees of previous Holiday pops concerts, with some new twists as well.
12/06/2009  News - Waco Mammoth Site Opens to the Public 09.12.05 (04:37)
68,000 years of protection from mother nature, plus about 30 more with the help of the Waco community allowed the bones at the Waco Mammoth Site to finally be introduced to the public on Saturday. KWBU's Derek Smith and Jackie Deavenport were there.
12/02/2009  News - Waco Gears Up for Holiday on the Square 09.12.02 (03:28)
A Waco Christmas tradition will be without one of its key components this year, but organizers are working to fill the void for the city's annual Christmas kickoff, Saturday's "Holiday on the Square." KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
11/30/2009  News - National Day of Listening Inspires Storytelling 09.11.30 (04:58)
National Day of Listening from Storycorps and National Public Radio is a project encouraging people to take an hour on the day after Thanksgiving to listen to someone-an elderly relative or neighbor--ask them questions, and allow them to share their story. Listeners are also encouraged to record their subject's story for posterity. Storycorps hopes many of these stories become family heirlooms in the long-term, while encouraging conversation and story-telling immediately. The first National Day of Listening was a success last year, and more are hoping to get on board in 2009. The hope is that the stories of many individuals are not lost to history.
11/24/2009  News - Interview with Christy Rost 09.11.24 (36:41)
Chef and home-design expert Christi Rost shares Thanksgiving-themed cooking tips, and explores the history and renovation of her 19th century Colorado mountain estate in the PBS special ?A Home for Christi Rost?. It airs on KWBU-TV this Thanksgiving, and KWBU?s Jacqueline Deavenport talks with Christi about her passion for family, friends, food and entertaining at home.
11/24/2009  News - Youth find lack of safe entertainment venues in Waco 09.11.24 (03:16)
what do Waco teenagers do on a Friday or Staurday night? Many people who work with youth in Waco say there's a lack of fun and safe things for teenagers to do. KWBU's Anita Pere has more.
11/20/2009  News - Block Playing Helps Kids Learn Math, Language Skills 09.11.20 (04:19)
Research says blocks play a critical role in early language and math skills. Blockfest demonstrates these findings, and it's part of the Waco Education Summit going on this week. KWBU's Jacqueline Deavenport reports.
11/19/2009  News - Children reading below grade level more likely to struggle, drop-out 09.11.19 (05:59)
The 2nd annual Greater Waco Education Summit gets down to business today, focusing on on key areas of youth development and examining the role that various community groups can play in advancing the educational environment. One major area of focus for educators is reading development. And teachers in Waco, spurred by renewed emphasis from the summit and the Greater Waco Education Alliance, are focusing on helping students read at grade level by the time they're 8 years old.
11/13/2009  News - H. O. T. Story Telling Guild keeps oral tradition alive 09.11.13 (02:40)
The art of story telling is not lost in Central Texas. The Heart of Texas Story Telling guild meets every Saturday to keep the beloved tradition alive, and they have a special event this weekend. KWBU's Jacqueline Deavenport has more.
11/11/2009  News - Ft. Hood Memorial 09.11.09 Part I (03:49)
After spending the last few days sorting through Thursday's tragedy at Ft. Hood, mourners gathered yesterday to honor and remember the fallen. KWBU's Derek Smith was there.
11/11/2009  News - Ft. Hood Memorial Part II 09.11.09 (03:17)
The religious roots of the alleged gunman in last Thursday's deadly shooting at Fort Hood are beginning to draw scrutiny, along with questions about how much officials knew. KWBU's Derek Smith spoke with soldiers and officials at Ft. Hood.
11/10/2009  News - Local Musician to Appear on From the Top 09.08.09 (04:48)
: When KWBU and Baylor University bring From the Top to Waco tomorrow/tonight, one local teen will be showing off her talents on an instrument that many associate more with country than classical. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
11/09/2009  News - Bicyclists 'Ride for Relief' 09.11.07 (02:25)
KWBU follows up with the Ride for Relief when they finish their journey at Farm Day.
11/09/2009  News - Chet Edwards Addresses Ft. Hood shooting 09.11.09 (01:15)
Congressman Chet Edwards released a statement Monday addressing the shooting at the military base that was part of his district for more than a decade. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
11/09/2009  News - Waco VA Mental Health Experts Discuss Fort Hood Shooting, Demands of Job 09.11.07 (02:24)
Some attention has been placed on the fact that the gunman in yesterday's Ft. Hood killings, major Nidal Malik Hasan, was an army psychiatrist whose job was to counsel soldiers dealing with the effects of war and military life. KWBU spoke to Dr. Susie Gulliver, director of the Center for Excellence at the VA hospital, as well as psychiatrist and Air Force Reservist Dr. David Tharp.
11/05/2009  News - Central Texas cyclists "Ride for Relief" 09.11.05 (03:21)
A team of bikers will be making their way through Central Texas? farm roads as they cover over 200 miles in 2 days. The bikers are raising money for the World Hunger Relief farm. KWBU?s Jacqueline Deavenport there at the beginning of their journey this morning.
10/30/2009  News - NPR correspondent Jim Zarroli speaks in Waco 09.10.30 (03:39)
NPR financial reporter Jim Zarroli was in town this week, speaking to Baylor students, professors, and KWBU members about a number of topics. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
10/28/2009  News - City's interactive map aids developers, businesses, residents 09.10.28 (02:22)
Some of Central Texas' natural beauty, rock escarpments and hilly landscape, is also a geological landscape that can cause problems for builders and homeowner's foundations. However, one local city, Woodway, now has an innovative online resource to aid developers and property owners.
10/28/2009  News - Screenplay writer Derek Haas speaks with KWBU on his new book and website 09.10.27 (03:07)
What does the new novel Columbus and the Web site have to do with Baylor? KWBU?s Anita Pere has more.
10/27/2009  News - Wacoans map out their vision of downtown redevelopment 09.10.27 (04:05)
Last night, the city held the first of two community meetings where residents mapped out their ideas for downtown and city revitalization. KWBU's Derek Smith was there.
10/26/2009  News - Philanthropist Paul J. Meyer passes 09.10.26 (01:23)
Long-time Waco philanthropist Paul J. Meyer passed away yesterday/today after a battle with cancer. KWBU's Jacqueline Deavenport has more.
10/23/2009  News - Organizations Sleepless As Parade Date Approaches 09.10.23 (03:16)
With the homecoming parade just about 24 hours away, members of Chi Omega and Phi Kappa Chi spent the last night into the wee hours to get their float done in time for judging prior to the parade. KWBU's Derek Smith continues our look at what goes into making the signature homecoming parade floats.
10/23/2009  News - Texas Collection dedicates 4 Texas Historical Markers on Baylor Campus 09.10.23 (03:16)
Memories, history, and tradition are an important part of homecoming at Baylor. As Baylor celebrates its homecoming's 100th Anniversary, the state of Texas will recognize 4 sites on Baylor campus as having historical significance.
10/21/2009  News - Baylor Organizations Balance Money, Time, and Effort in Building Homecoming Floats 09.10.21 (04:52)
2009 marks the 100th anniversary of Baylor University's Homecoming and the associated parade. KWBU is following a sorority and fraternity as they build one of the signature floats in a competitive field for the homecoming parade in the final frantic hours before the float must be completed tomorrow morning.
10/20/2009  News - Baylor Greek life prepares for 100th Baylor Homecoming parade 09.20.09 (05:08)
One of the nation's largest collegiate homecoming parade will wind through the streets of Waco this Saturday. Attendees will enjoy the floats, the ambiance, and the history; a lot of Baylor students put in months of work to make it memorable. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
10/16/2009  News - World Hunger Relief Inc. focus on ending hunger in Texas 09.10.16 (02:16)
Friday was World Food Day, recognizing the problem of hunger in communities around the world. The day was marked in Waco as residents and business gave up their lunch and instead donated the money to organizations serving the hungry locally, and with a presentation at Heritage Square, as a new statewide hunger agency was introduced. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
10/14/2009  News - Texas physician links education and health 09.10.14 (04:01)
10/13/2009  News - Baylor University on iTunes U 09.10.13 (03:49)
10/05/2009  News - Author Roger Rosenblatt Encourages Others To Tell Their Story 09.10.05 (03:52)
Award winning writer Roger Rosenblatt delivered a lecture at Baylor Monday on storytelling. But the focus is not on his illustrious career; rather, it's telling our own stories as individuals. He spoke with KWBU's Derek Smith.
09/28/2009  News - Baylor Study Provides In-Depth Look at Nature of Clergy Sexual Misconduct 09.09.28 (03:23)
09/28/2009  News - Mammoth site National Monument bid passes House 09.09.23 (03:38)
09/24/2009  News - China Spring students get 09.09.23 (03:50)
09/22/2009  News - Change of command at Ft. Hood 09.09.22 (03:49)
09/16/2009  News - 6 consecutive years - Texas is nation's repeat birth-rate leader 09.09.16 (04:19)
ChildTrends, a Washington based research group, reports that 23% percent of Texas girls who become pregnant will become pregnant a second time, a troubling statistic, when Texas has a high teen birth rate to begin with.
09/14/2009  News - Horseboy movie screening in Waco 09.09.14 (05:23)
09/14/2009  News - Rupert Isaacson Interview 09.09.14 (42:44)
09/08/2009  News - Authors propose theory for health care reform 09.09.08 (04:54)
09/08/2009  News - CEO of the Family Health Center talks on health reform 09.09.08 (04:48)
09/02/2009  News - BU kicks off 2009 season 09.09.02 (04:23)
When the Baylor football team kicks of its 2009 season at Wake Forest on Saturday, it does so with a buzz from fans and media that haven't surrounded the program in some time. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
08/26/2009  News - Baylor Professor's Book Focuses on Faith Messages in U2 Music 09.08.26 (04:26)
08/19/2009  News - Chet Edwards meets with Waco medical professionals on health care reform 09.08.19 (04:05)
08/18/2009  News - MCC dedicates new science building 09.08.18 (03:49)
08/13/2009  News - Marghertia and Salsa Festival returns to Waco 09.08.12 (02:50)
08/06/2009  News - Local colleges share in job training 09.08.06 (04:18)
08/05/2009  News - Local Workforce Commission engaged in finding jobs, training 09.08.05 (04:35)
07/29/2009  News - Workforce commision presents grant 09.07.29 (03:07)
07/28/2009  News - City planners reveal plan for downtown Waco and Riverfront 09.07.28 (03:48)
07/24/2009  News - Study finds processed meat causes cancer 09.24.07 (04:17)
07/15/2009  News - Osler on Sotomayor hearings 09.07.15 (04:52)
07/14/2009  News - MLK III speaks in Waco 09.07.08 (04:00)
06/25/2009  News - Education Alliance 09.06.25 (04:08)
The Greater Waco Education Alliance began to roll-out data on early childhood education in McLennan County yesterday. The region seeks to understand the factors shaping area youth. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.
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