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12/29/2011  Business Review - No Neutral Moments (02:02)
Chuck Gallagher - What causes unethical behavior?
12/22/2011  Business Review - It's Your Retirement (02:02)
William Reichenstein - You need to take control of your retirement.
12/15/2011  Business Review - Worksite Wellness (02:02)
Businesses are getting involved with their employee's wellness.
12/08/2011  Business Review - Breaking The Rules (02:02)
Employee's break the rules, but why is that?
12/01/2011  Business Review - Retail Shrinkage (02:02)
How hiring older workers can decrease a retailers shrinkage.
11/10/2011  Business Review - Work With Purpose (02:01)
Management Professor Mitch Neubert says, when it comes to belief in Heaven and Hell, he's found there's an interesting connection between a person's faith and their work.
10/27/2011  Business Review - Abusive Supervision: The Bad Boss (02:02)
According to research, the effects of abusive supervision reach far beyond the workplace. Baylor Professor Meredith Ferguson calls it "the spillover effect."
10/20/2011  Business Review- Is Winning Everything? (02:02)
When it comes to succesfully predicting fan attendance at Major League ballparks, Kirk Wakefield has analyzed America's National Pastime for more than 20 years. Sure, winning is important, but it's not the zenith.
10/13/2011  Business Review - Working Moms Project (02:02)
With many women in today's workforce, assistant professor of management, Merideth Ferguson, decided to take a closer look at how moms balance pressures at work and home.
10/06/2011  Business Review - Rude Co-Workers (02:02)
According to new research, workplace incivility can extend beyond company walls.
09/22/2011  Business Review-Ready, Steady, Go! (02:02)
Marketing professor Andrea Dixon explains how getting off to a fast start in any company begins with making sure new hires are the "right fit" for the organization.
09/15/2011  Business Review-Changes In Health Care (02:02)
Dr. Ann Mirabito examines how health clinics in retail businesses and other high-traffic areas could improve our health care delivery system.
08/18/2011  Business Review-Energy Sufficiency (02:02)
While the need for energy sources persists, executive vice president of Haliburton, Mark McCullum, says the oild field service industry must change. It's becoming more costly and difficult to find oil, requiring increased technology to reduce risk and uncertainty, while improving efficiency.
08/11/2011  Business Review-Mindless Eating (02:02)
Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, Brian Wansink, is known as the "Shelock Holmes of food." Investigating patterns in food psychology, he found clues to eat healthfully without even noticing.
08/04/2011  Business Review-Geopolitics of Oil (02:01)
International economics specialist Joe Barnes says the often unpredictable business of energy has never been as uncertain as it is today. Barnes says the key concern of the U.S. isn't necessarily the origin of oil, but its price.
07/21/2011  Business Review-The Twinkie Tax (02:01)
A shift toward workplace wellness is underway across the U.S. Studies show businesses that incorporate comprehensive wellness programs are able to improve the health of their employees and save their company money at the same time.
07/14/2011  Business Review-Energy Poverty (02:01)
Energy economist, Gürcan Gülen says the implications of energy poverty are life threatening. The worst scenarios are found in parts of Africa, South Asia and India, where it causes increased illiteracy and decreased life expectancy.
07/07/2011  Business Review-One Bottle... Endless Possibilities Part IV (02:02)
University professor Van Gray has found a unique way to teach basic business lessons to entrepreneurs in developing countries. By using a simple bottle of Coke, he sparks conversation about modeling the global giant?s mission statement to encourage a plan and the actions needed to make it work.
06/30/2011  Business Review-One Bottle... Endless Possibilities Part III (02:02)
University professor Van Gray has developed what he calls an anti-poverty program. By using a bottle of Coca-Cola, he demonstrates what the power of business could do to transform people's lives, especially those in poverty. He teaches the fundamental principles of business to budding entrepreneurs in developing countries - some as young as 15 years old.
06/23/2011  Business Review-Coke Bottle Business II (02:01)
University Professor Blaine McCormick travels to developing countries teaching 12 basic business lessons to entrepreneurs. By using a simple ubiquitous item--a bottle of Coca-Cola--he gets across the classic four P's of marketing that have been around since the 60's.
06/16/2011  Business Review-Coke Bottle Business I (02:02)
Marketing Professor, Dr.Blaine McCormick, communicates business lessons to entrepreneurs in developing countries using a unique, yet universal object--a bottle of Coca-Cola.
06/09/2011  Business Review-Pickens Plan (02:02)
Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens says our energy must come from American sources. He's developed The Pickens Plan, which increases the use of America's abundant natural gas as a cleaner, cheaper alternative to foreign oil.
06/02/2011  Business Review-The Coal Reality (02:02)
The world is not on course for a sustainable energy future, according to the International Energy Agency. Energy specialist Dr. Charles Ebinger says if clean energy is a concern for our future, then emission-free nuclear energy cannot be ignored and coal remains our least expensive energy source today.
05/26/2011  Business Review-Seven Leadership Qualities (02:02)
Leadership guru, Dr. Ken Blanchard, recognizes seven evident leadership qualities in role models--all of which start with an "H".
05/19/2011  Business Review-Modifiable Management (02:01)
There's no one best way to be a manager. A productive leader is flexible, and adapts according to the situation. Modifying the way you manage, fitting the needs of your team, is known as situational leadership.
05/12/2011  Business Review-Stinkn' Thinkn' (02:02)
03/21/2011  Business Review-Correct Delegation (03:57)
03/10/2011  Business Review-Why Delegate? (03:53)
01/20/2011  Business Review-Texas Family Business of the Year: Birkman International (04:09)
01/13/2011  Business Review-Texas Family Business of the Year: First Place Foods (03:52)
01/06/2011  Business Review-Texas Family Business of the Year: Natural Bridge Caverns (03:49)
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