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12/29/2011  Likely Stories - Interview with Emma J. Newman, author of Twenty Years Later. (04:24)
Emma J. Newman's first novel, Twenty Years Later tells the story of London, 20 years after a mysterious plague wipes out most of the adults, and leaves children to fend for themselves.
12/15/2011  Likely Stories - Best of 2011 (04:04)
Host Jim McKeown picks his best reads of the past year.
12/01/2011  Likely Stories - The Elephant's Journey by Jose Saramago (03:38)
Based on an historical event in the 16th century, Nobel Prize-winner Saramago details an amazing journey of an elephant across Renaissance Europe.
11/17/2011  Likely Stories - The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes (03:24)
This 2011 Booker-Prize winning novel details the attempt of Tony Webster to come to terms with his youth and his friends from school.
11/03/2011  Likely Stories - Catherine the Great by Robert K. Massie (04:18)
A meticulously documented biography of a fascinating woman, a student of the Enlightenment.
10/20/2011  Likely Stories - When She Woke by Hillary Jordan (03:25)
Hillary Jordan's second novel is a suspenseful thriller set in Texas.
10/06/2011  Likely Stories - The Radetzky March by Joseph Roth (03:20)
Review of a work set in the pre-World War I Austro-Hungarian empire in the early 20th century.
09/15/2011  Likely Stories - The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (03:33)
Review of a fictionalized account of the first wife of Ernest Hemingway, portraying different aspects of the life of the famous author.
09/01/2011  Likely Stories - The Terrorist by John Updike (03:50)
Review of a book that examines the motivations of an angry young man conscripted to serve as a force of terror against people he sees as enemies to his god.
08/18/2011  Likely Stories - 13 Rue Therese by Elena Mauli Shapiro (03:26)
The attractive cover of this book was more than Jim McKeown could resist, and he claims the story is every bit as intriguing and exotic as the jacket.
08/04/2011  Likely Stories - The Tiger: A True Story of Vengence and Survival by John Vaillant (03:52)
This recently published work of non-fiction has elements of history, the politics of cold war, ecology, biology and botany all while spinning a terrific adventure story.
07/23/2011  Likely Stories - The Double Life of Alfred Buber by Alfred Schmahmann (03:45)
Host Jim Mckeown acclaims this novel of independent Permanent Press. It's the story of Alfred Buber, a pillar of his community, a respected man with a secret, and a secret life, until one day the two cross over and even he can no longer tell which is real and which is not.
07/07/2011  Likely Stories - Thrift by Barbara Louise Ungar (03:22)
Poetry with personal connections.
06/30/2011  Likely Stories - Interview with William Virgil Davis (03:51)
William V. Davis is a professor of English and Writer-in-Residence in the Baylor University English Department, and holds the Ph.D. from Ohio University. Jim McKeown speaks with Davis on his latest work, Landscape and Journey, 2009, winner of the New Criterion Poetry Prize and the Helen C. Smith Memorial Award for Poetry.
06/16/2011  Likely Stories - Emily Alone by Stewart O'Nan (03:47)
Host Jim McKeown returns to Stewart O'Nan's work by reading Emily Alone. McKeown describes it as a quite earnest story of ordinary people going about their daily lives as senior citizens.
06/02/2011  Likely Stories - Horoscopes for the Dead by Billy Collins (03:05)
Whenever a new collection of poetry by Billy Collins appears, Jim McKeown moves it to the top of his TBR list. He suggests if you don't read much poetry, or none at all, try Collins.
05/19/2011  Likely Stories - Liquid Jade by Berenice Hohenegger (03:44)
Liquid Jade tells the history of tea tracing its origins to second century b.c.e. China. The most interesting tale tells of plots to steal the closely guarded secrets of growing and brewing the perfect cup of tea.
05/05/2011  Likely Stories - Siddhartha by Herman Hesse (03:38)
Host Jim McKeown thinks that every reader should bring something to a story and take away new insights. He revisits the novel Siddhartha after reading it over 30 years ago.
04/21/2011  Likely Stories - Bird Cloud: A Memoir by Annie Proulx (03:45)
Host Jim McKoewn claims he has never read a short story by Annie Proulx he did not like. In her memoir, Bird Cloud, Proulx describes her family history, the places she's lived, and finding the ideal home to read and write.
04/13/2011  Likely Stories - The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery (03:34)
The Elegance of the Hedgehog is a novel by the French novelist and professor of philosophy Muriel Barbery. The book follows events in the life of a concierge, Renée Michel, whose deliberately concealed intelligence is uncovered by an unstable but intellectually precocious girl named Paloma Josse.
03/31/2011  Likely Stories - Interview with Margaret Hawkins (05:04)
Margaret Hawkins is the author of two novels: A Year of Cats and Dogs, and How to Survive a Natural Disaster, which host Jim McKeown featured on Likely Stories last year. Hawkins is also the author of the non-fiction How We Got Barb Back, a story on her sister's reawakening.
03/17/2011  Likely Stories - Beet by Roger Rosenblatt (03:25)
Host Jim McKeown admires the work of Rosenblatt's novel, Beet. The fun, the politics, the turf wars, the unusual students, the bizarre faculty and the business men trying to turn a college into a business are all present in their funny, sad, tragic glory.
03/04/2011  Likely Stories - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski (03:15)
A retelling of the Shakespeare's Hamlet Prince of Denmark, McKeown gives this novel a near perfect score.
01/20/2011  Likely Stories - Solar by Ian McEwan (03:41)
While searching for a novel with a title Jim Mckeown could not quite remember, he stumbled on a book bought it, because, judging by the cover, it sounded interesting. Several decades later, Jim eagerly awaits each new novel by Ian McEwan, the Booker Prize-winning author.
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