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Local WW II hero recognized for trailblazing role  

July 7, 2009

This is KWBU-FM, 103.3. Looking locally now, a Wacoan will be featured on All Things Considered Weekend this Fourth of July in a great patriotic story about a historic role. Deannie Parrish was a member of the Women Air Force Service Pilots--or WASP'S for short--who have in recent years been recognized for the important part they played in the World War II effort, culminating in the Congressional Gold Medal being awarded by President Obama earlier this week. The WASP's now serve as a role model for women and female pilots serving in male-dominated worlds, but their story seemed lost to history not long ago.

And noticing it people are. Parrish was interviewed by NPR's Guy Ras for this Saturday's All Things Considered. She spoke to a current female pilot, who spoke of her admiration for Parrish and the WASP's, who were groundbreaking in their World War II service. She relates an amusing story about getting started.

She and the other WASP's did not fly in combat missions, but played a vital role in training and more.

Hear the complete interview with Deannie Parrish's tomorrow at 4p.m. on All Things Considered, as part of a weekend of patriotic independence day coverage on KWBU and National Public Radio.

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