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Change of command at Ft. Hood

Sept. 22, 2009

Inclement weather forced the change of command ceremony indoors, but it didn't stop the pageantry and precision for which the Army is well-known. After fifteen months as Commanding General at Fort Hood, Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch is heading to Washington, giving command of the 3rd Armored Corps to fellow Lt. Gen. Robert Cone as the colors are symbolically passed from predecessor to successor.

For Lt. Gen. Lynch, it's been a busy 15 months at the helm of the world's largest United States Military Installation. Fort Hood is currently, under Lynch's guidance in the beginning, working to become a center of robotics excellence for the U.S. Army, working on using robots to keep soldiers out of harm's way. His tenure has also been marked by a concern for the emotional well-being of soldiers and their families, a topic Lynch addressed in his farewell remarks.

To that end, he enacted a number of initiatives to support soldiers and their families over the last year-plus designed specifically to meet the challenges that military families face.

Now, Lynch will be taking his ideas to the Pentagon at Installation Management Command, working to improve quality of life for those serving in times of persistent conflict on a nationwide basis. Lt. Gen. Cone says that he and his wife will continue his emphases after he is gone.

The relationship between Lynch and Cone goes back nearly three decades. Lt. Gen. Lynch said that the succession of Lynch to Cone has become somewhat of a tradition.

Cone takes over the installation and the "Phantom Corps," as the 3rd Armored Corps is nicknamed, with wars on two fronts and the theme of "persistent conflict" fresh on the minds of those serving.

Cone most recently served overseas in Afghanistan; he has spent recent months beginning the transitioning at Fort Hood. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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