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China Spring High School students get a "Dose of Reality"

Sept. 24, 2009

NEWS 1At the assembly, there was no doubt she kept the students engaged. Oooos, ahhhhhs, and uhgs filled the auditorium throughout the presentation. Linda Dutil shared a "Dose of Reality" with China Spring high school and middle students today. Linda is a registered nurse from Maine who travels all over the country with her unique message on alcohol and drug abuse. Her program had the students laughing at one moment, and listening somberly the next. Lindsey is a Senior at China Spring. She said the presentation certainly reaffirmed her decision not to do drugs.

Linda's message is not a scared straight approach. The message "don't do drugs, don't underage drink" is implied in her speech. She gives a clinical description of the actions doctors and nurses take when trying to save a person who has overdosed on drugs or alcohol. Explaining this procedure to students is what started the whole program, 15 years ago in Maine's Kennebec County.

Linda also informs students on the importance of getting help for a friend who has overdosed or has had too much to drink. Linda says this is an important message that often is overlooked and can ultimately save lives.

The answer was mixed when a few China Spring High School students were asked if they felt drug and alcohol abuse was a serious problem among teenagers.

For KWBU News, I'm Jacqueline Deavenport.

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