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Organizations sleepless as parade approaches

Oct. 23, 2009

With the homecoming parade just about 24 hours away, members of Chi Omega and Phi Kappa Chi spent the last night into the wee hours to get their float done in time for judging prior to the parade. KWBU's Derek Smith continues our look at what goes into making the signature homecoming parade floats.

To hear Patrick Simms and other float chairs, it sounded like a lot was left to go at 10 o' clock last night as a flurry of activity was ensuring that Chi-O and Phi Chi would have their float ready for the judges today. We can reveal more information about it today. They've been doing the work in the past months at a large warehouse in Elm Mott, where their float entitled "Beware of the Bears" has been taking shape. There are two mountains, rising 12 feet off the ground, a bear that lives in the mountain, a large tree, and a mountain cabin to highlight the charities that the organizations support. The float has really taken shape in the past week, but there's still some big things to go. Like putting in a waterfall and river, says Emily Erikstad.

Beyond the river, there are signs and other details that they've built, including plants, other animals, and mining apparatus. Basically, anything to show detail and thought put towards the mountain theme. That was last night's big challenge, according to Paige McNamara.

The finished work will contain at least 2000 newspapers for paper mache, 15 gallons of paint, and close to 4000 nails. That's just the foundation. Chi O and Phi Chi are hoping that their attention to detail, the focus on three major aspects of Baylor and their organization--the football game, the 100th anniversary of homecoming, and their commitment to their charities--, and extra touches that fit the mountain theme, like the gold mining area and a ski lodge-esque Pat Neff Hall will wow the judges today. The judges will visit the warehouse in Elm Mott, and they'll arrive in style.,/p>

The winners will be announced at the bonfire tonight, with the parade tomorrow morning. You can see Chi O and Phi Chi's float, as well as the rest of the 100th Anniversary edition of the Baylor Homecoming Parade tomorrow morning at 8:30 on KWBU-TV. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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