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Screenplay writer Derek Haas speaks with KWBU on his new book and website

Oct. 27, 2009

Derek Haas is a familiar name among Baylor students and faculty. He's a Baylor alum who's partnered with fellow alum Michael Brandt to write several screenplays that went on to become Hollywood blockbusters. Their films include 310 to Yuma, Wanted, and Too Fast, Too Furious.

The duo laces their films with allusions to Baylor. For example, they write in the death of a non-essential character named Darden in every screenplay in honor of Baylor Professor Bob Darden.

Derek Haas was in town last week for Baylor's homecoming festivities. While in town, I talked to him about his new book Columbus and his newly developed Web site popcornfiction.com.

On top of all this, Haas is working on a new screenplay.

You can look for the new book Columbus Nov. 15.

For KWBU news, I'm Anita Pere.

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