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NPR correspondent Jim Zarroli speaks in Waco

Oct. 30, 2009

NPR financial reporter Jim Zarroli was in town this week, speaking to Baylor students, professors, and KWBU members about a number of topics. KWBU's Derek Smith has more.

That's from Jim Zaroli's speech to Baylor students Wednesday night, speaking at the Dale P. Jones Business Ethics Forum regarding some of the factors that led to last fall's financial meltdown. He spoke on the intersection of ethics and finance, also frequently delving into the role and changing face of the media.

One major question and the journalism industry has faced relates to the lead-up to financial crisis, which blindsided many. Zarroli said he and others asked themselves some tough questions.

But he also talked about stories they did cover, that, in hindsight, provided foreshadowing for the sub-prime mortgage crisis and other problems.

He also touched on some of the issues of the day, answering a question about the lasting effects of the current recession.

Zarroli's speech centered on lessons from dealing with tenants in his apartment co-op in New York City that he applied to the stories he was covering as the most prominant financial reporter for NPR. He was the beat reporter for the Bernard Madoff scandal, the decline on Wall Street, and of course, the sub-prime crisis. In addition to being a reporter, Zarroli is also a consumer of media, and he said he hoped the students at his lecture remember a takeaway as they take part in the ever-changing media landscape in the future.

You can hear Jim Zarroli's reports regularly on Morning Edition and All Things Considered. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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