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Local musician to appear on From the Top

Nov. 10, 2009

Sixteen year old Mia Orosco of Lorena has been making music for a decade now, since she first picked up a violin at the age of six. Her parents took her to a show then, and she found herself wanting to be like the older kids on stage, according to her father, Nonie Orosco.

Since then she's spent countless hours practicing, honed her skills, and added a second instrument. That second instrument is the fiddle, and that only came three years ago. But it's on the fiddle where she's shown prodigious talent, winning competitions, traveling the nation, and placing in some of the most prestigious contests in the country. Her story is like a lot of other kids-to a point. Like many, she was drawn to the music, and like many, she occasionally didn't want to practice.

But her story diverges from other kids in the fact that A.) she stuck with it and B.) she was exceptionally good. Her father Nonie remembers when he and his wife Tina started realizing their daughter had something special.

That work ethic manifested itself in her playing, but also in her discipline in picking up that second instrument. The fiddle was an instrument she found herself drawn to, and much like the Suzuki show began a love of music at age 6, an area fiddling contest gave birth to a new love to Mia as a teenager.

Different though it was, she stuck with it, and her dad says that in just a few months, they realized that she might be even better on the fiddle than her original instrument.

That's Mia playing in Nashville, a song called Sally Johnson. She'll be playing a song about a differnet Sally-Sally Goodin--at the From the Top show in Waco. We won't spoil the surprise just yet. Attendees will hear it, as well as a national radio audience when the NPR program airs. But for the Oroscos, the fact that she's even playing on this stage is a surprise. They found out about it late in the game, overnighting her information to Christopher O'Riley's crew, and then only after some strong urging by her teacher. But the afterthought has given way to a major event, with family coming in from across the country to see her play at the Jones Concert Hall along with other young talents. She says that as the show approaches, she's experiencing a number of emotions.

But more than that, she's ready to shatter a few notions of the limits of classical music on From the Top.

Mia Orosco will be on stage tomorrow night, with the show beginning at 7 at the Jones Concert Hall. More information online at KWBU.org. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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