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Carl Kasell Reflects on Career

Jan. 12, 2010

The outpouring was a fitting tribute to a newsman who delivered the news to Morning Edition listeners for over three decades. And now he's looking forward to meeting many of those listeners as a roving ambassador for National Public Radio. He'll also continue his role as judge and scorekeepr on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. The biggest change will be to his sleeping patterns. After thirty years of setting his alarm for 1:05 a.m., he's sleeping in. How quickly did his body adjust to his new hours?

So he's sleeping in more and not going to the office. But he's not slowing down, far from it. He'll still fly to Chicago for Wait Wait Don't Tell Me every Thursday. For some, the balance between delivering serious news on weekdays and then joining a show that makes fun of it on weekends could be a delicate one. But Kasell says his role was always to bring balance to the show, and that won't change now that he's off the newscasts.

It's that class and dignity that have endeared him to faithful listeners, making him a perfect ambassador for NPR. The seventy-five year old is preparing to fly regularly to points across the country, talking to stations and meeting his listeners. Kasell says he's looking forward to putting faces with the unseen ears that he's forged relationships with over the years.

Retrospectives of Kasell's career are available at npr.org. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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