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Planting Urban Gardens Unites Community Members

Jan. 18, 2010

In 2008,the Heart of Texas Urban Gardening Coalition began their projects in Waco, recruiting and uniting community members to create gardens around town. This is year three, and today the coalition is planting vegetables at 9 locations in Waco, and taking time to reflect on Martin Luther King's message of community and brotherhood.

Bethel Erickson heads up the project. Shes the Americorps Vista for the Heart of Texas Urban Gardening Coalition.

The planting that occurs today at Carver Baptist Church will be maintained by church members and community members. In June it's time for harvest, and the hope is everyone will reconvene to celebrate their hard work. Bethel said she likes how people are working together to create this garden.

Each garden will feature a mural painted by volunteers. Kids at the Kate Ross apartment complex made the template for the mural as part of The Waco Arts Initiative project.

Carver's Mural depicts a brightly painted mountain landscape and in the upper right-hand corner a large brightly colored dove, in flight, holding an olive branch in its beak. Within in the scene volunteers write words of inspiration drawn from their reflection on MLK Jr.'s life and mission. The mural will remain on site as an accompaniment to the garden.

April Walker-Curtis is part of a volunteer group from the Methodist Home. She said she likes that Waco has multicultural activities that her, her family, and co-workers can participate in. Although, there might still be a sense of racial tension, April thinks that overall Waco is coming together.

For KWBU news, I'm Jaqueline Deavenport.

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