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Hippodrome Closes Its Doors

Feb. 26, 2010

Last night the Board of Directors for the Waco Performing Arts company had to make a decision no board ever wants to make, the decision to cancel a show and cease the functions of their organization. Dean Riley is on the WPAC Board.

The national financial downturn beginning in 2008 coupled with financial losses surrounding a shows cancellation made 2009 a difficult season.

The Hippodrome has always been a performance venue since it's inception in 1914. From the mid 1950's until 1978 the theater operated as a movie house. Closed in disrepair for nearly 8 years, the Hippodrome bounced back in 1987 when the community and area foundations raised $2.4 million to restore the building. The non-profit Waco Performing Arts Company then managed the Hippodrome and hosted performances there.

At the close of business Friday, employees will be disbanded until further notice.

For KWBU news I'm Jacqueline Deavenport.

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