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Curnock, Flores Look Ahead To Runoff

March 3, 2010

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Rob Curnock surprised many by running within a few points of Edwards in 2008, and had name recognition going in. But it was Bill Flores, the last entrant into the race, who came out with the most votes, taking 33 percent of the tally to Curnock's 29, a pleasing result for the businessman from Bryan.

For Curnock and his campaign staff, it was a disappointing result that gave birth to a rallying cry of what his team believes is their people versus Flores' spending power.

Flores, who outspent Curnock from the outset of his January entry into the race, took issue with the financial characterization.

Curnock is putting his faith in his 1500 volunteers and their efforts to get out the vote once again on April 13th, saying his campaign has been the underdog before and he is comfortable in that role again.

With the two candidates' position on the issues being very similar, their focus over the next six weeks will often be on who has the best chance to beat 20 year incumbent Chet Edwards, in what will be one of the most closely-scrutinized races in the country. Not surprisingly, both say they have the resources to unseat him, first Flores and then Curnock.

The runoff election takes place on April 13th, KWBU-FM will continue to cover the district 17 race in the next 6 weeks and into the general election. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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