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Hippodrome To Finish 2010 Season

March 6, 2010

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With an assist from the community, the Waco Performing Arts Company will finish out their 2010 season as planned, despite last week's suspension of operations. Dean Riley, on the board of directors of the performing arts company, said he believes coverage of last week's announcements prompted the board and a number of other people in the community to ensure that ticket-holders would be able to attend the final 3 shows of the year. It's good news for those planning to attend 100 Years of Broadway, The Three Redneck Tenors, or the Little Engine That Could. But for the Waco Performing Arts Company, the announcement was one of the only rays of light in a 7 day span that saw them cease operations and let go of their staff. Says Riley, more community help is needed.

Last week's scheduled "One Night of Queen" was the loan performance casualty of the shutdown. As of the moment, refunds are not being offered. But Riley said the Waco Performing Arts Company is making an a two for one offer to patrons of the show, allowing them to attend The Three Redneck Tenors and 100 Years of Broadway at no charge.

Many in the community hold out hope for a brighter long-term future for the Hippodrome, but for the Waco Performing Arts Company, the immediate concern is making it through the next two months.

Patrons with questions can call the Hippodrome, but without staff, they are forced to check voicemail messages, which Riley assured were being answered. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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