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One Book, One Waco Author Inspired by Gospel Cafe

April 7, 2010

News - 'One Book, One Waco' Selects Waco Inspired Novel 10.03.30

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As the seasons change in Waco, One Book One Waco presents a book to the community to read, share, discuss, and digest. As the seasons change in the Kate Ross Neighborhood of Waco, The Gospel Cafe constantly presents food, love, and a figurative and literal warm place for the residents to eat, share, discuss, and digest.

Lisa Wingate is an author, residing in Clifton, whose book, "The Summer Kitchen" is the selection for Waco to share during the spring.

Sherry Castello remodeled a house thirteen years ago on 10th street, just west of I-35. They found remnants of drug paraphernalia in the house, and abundant evidence of poverty and need on the outside. Castello is a founder of The Gospel Cafe.

It's no coincidence that Lisa the author's story sounds very similar to Sherry the social worker/cook/mentor's. A reader turned Wingate on to The Gospel Cafe a few years ago.

Wingate volunteered at The Gospel Cafe and saw the power of a few people in a renovated building providing food and and love whether anyone could pay for it or not. She saw rich sitting down with poor, and the sick or depressed finding love and assistance. She also heard the stories and the meaning of the facility, stories still being lived out each Wednesday through Friday when the doors open.

The Gospel Cafe is a community. One Book, One Waco promotes community. And building a sense of community is a major goal for author Lisa Wingate, who is thrilled to see a book with roots in Waco shared in Waco.

Tomorrow, we'll look at that help that's offered to the community, and how it's offered at the Gospel Cafe. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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