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KWBU TV To Cease Operations

April 28, 2010

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Joe Riley, president and CEO of the Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation, announced Monday the difficult decision to allow KWBU television to go dark at the end of May after a nearly $400,000 budget shortfall could not be overcome. Riley, who arrived at KWBU last May, said it was a combination of factors that forced the shutdown.

KWBU's partnership with Baylor University continues as the radio station will continue to broadcast. The stations, not a department of the school receive a majority of their support from Baylor, but the funding is not unlimited. Having exhausted its line of credit, KWBU was unable to secure additional funding. Lori Fogleman, a spokesperson for Baylor said the school's support will continue at its regular levels.

Riley, who had to inform 10 employees that they were losing jobs at the end of May, said the focus for those remaining shifts to the NPR service with building support among the community being key.

As with many in the community, many in the university expressed sadness about the impending closure of Waco's PBS affiliate. Lori Fogleman:

Listeners and viewers with questions or comments can contact the station. Local cable subscribers will continue to receive PBS programming on other affiliates. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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