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The Grove Holds Texas-Sized Auction

April 26, 2010

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Over the course of 3 days, over 500 registered bidders vied for 18 lots, but the number of lots was only a fraction of the thousands of items sold. In fact, there was so much stuff, Moody couldn't believe all of it was all his!

At noon on Saturday bidding on the lots stopped. It was time to auction off By far, the biggest item--The Grove, TX. Yes, you heard correctly, the town: the Dube General Store, Post Office, Cocklebur Saloon and Blacksmith shop. When the hammer cracked, a man and woman, threw their arms around each other, began jumping up and down with tears of joy in their eyes. Francis and Bob Proft were the grandchildren of Mr. Dube on of the former owners of the town's general store.

Bob explains there was apprehension going into the auction.

There was certainly relief among Francis' family and the community when she cast the winning bid. As the new owner she was reluctant to divulge any plans for her new purchase.

There's a sense of mortality as these objects exchanged hands; many of the artifacts up for auction had outlived their makers. The 19th century buggies, old cigarette cases, anvils, antlers, porcelain signs, begin a new life with their new owners.

On Sunday, folks were leaving, packing their cars, boxes full of what were formerly Moody's goods. It all seemed to go by so fast. For a few old cowboys, Moody's friends, reality sets in--the old saloon, the chairs, the counter, the knick-knacks, they are all gone now, and these were the things that held their stories. Jim Hickman has known Moody about 7 years. He says he'll miss the Grove.

Moody said he wanted his things to make a bunch of people happy. And he certainly got his wish. Over the course of the three day auction, his forty years worth of collecting antiques and artifacts made hundreds of people happy. For KWBU news, I'm Jacqueline Deavenport.

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