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NPR's Carl Kasell Shares His Story With KWBU Members

June 14, 2010

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Waco was one stop on Carl Kasell's post-Morning Edition journey, a new role that has him criss-crossing the country as he meets with the NPR listeners who woke up to his voice or laughed at his remarks on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. As a "roving ambassador," he's found himself even busier than he was when his alarm clock awoke him at 1:05 in the morning.A hectic schedule, but a fun one for Kasell, who said his six decade career in radio has never been work.

During his remarks, Kasell shared stories about Morning Edition, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and the many unique people with whom he has come into contact. As a student, Andy Griffith was his drama instructor. At the University of North Carolina, he worked at the campus station with Charles Kuralt. And as a news director at a radio station in Virginia, he oversaw a young intern named Katie Couric. But a majority of the stories came from Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, where he serves as the official judge and scorekeeper. For Kasell, it's a chance to wear a different hat and show a different side.

He'll continue to do the show as he visits stations like KWBU. Despite the celebrities he's met and the stories he's covered, Kasell said it's the listeners that have proved to be the real stars for public radio, making the chance to meet them that much more enjoyable.

Photos of the event will be available at kwbu.org. You can hear more from Carl Kasell this Sunday at 3 on KWBU Rewind. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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