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With Superintendent's Resignation, Waco ISD Begins Search For New Leader

July 20, 2010

School Board member Pat Atkins said Waco ISD leadership is looking forward following Hernandez's resignation. With school starting just a little over a month away, on August 23rd, leadership at Waco Public Schools will be working to ensure a smooth transition to an interim superintendent while other operations commisserate with the start of the school year continue. While the timing of the superintendent's departure does come close to the start of school, board member David Schleicher said some recent business in the district makes it easier.

There will be a meeting this Tuesday to discuss the interim superintendent position, this following a meeting yesterday, when we talked to Schleicher and Pat Atkins.

Both Atkins and Schleicher said there will be plenty of opportunities for various stakeholder groups to have input in the process, and community involvement is a priority for the board. Schleicher said an email has already been set up for people to suggest names or offer input.

In the meantime, Atkins believes the search for a new leader in Waco Public Schools provides an opportunity for improvement. It's no secret that Waco ISD's rankings have been poor, and he believes there's someone out there to take a next step for the district. Hernandez will serve as Chief Administrative Officer at Corpus Christi ISD. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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