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Edwards, Flores Ready To Make Pitch To Central Texans

July 22, 2010

David Wasserman, house editor for the Cook Political Report is blunt in his assessment of the District 17 race, believing Edwards has a small path to victory. The Cook Report lists the 17th as a toss-up, with GOP polls giving Flores the early lead. Wasserman thinks the national tide, combined with the makeup of the district, will be to strenous for Edwards to swim against. But he thinks its going to be a dogfight.

Ashley Cruseturner, professor of history at MCC believes we're in for a tight, highly-scrutinized, and financially costly election. He says it's a time of supreme vulnerability for Chet Edwards, who he believes is in the fight of his career. Given the overwhelming Republican presidential vote in the district, it's an encouraging sign for Flores. But Cruseturner and others say anyone who makes assumptions about November just yet are misguided. Edwards' ties to the district run deeper than many of the Democrats expected to be ousted elsewhere.

So what can we expect? Cruseturner believes that Edwards' endorsement of President Obama and subsequent praise received from Nancy Pelosi will hurt him in the district. He thinks we will probably see a lot of videos reminding voters of these ties.

And what might Edwards do to counter this? If Edwards is to win, Cruseturner said Flores, currently somewhat of a generic Republican in voters minds, has to become an unacceptable alternative.

So brace yourselves for ads, charges, and countercharges. Nationally, it's a fascinating story. But locally, it's about who represents Central Texans. And both sides are prepared to spend whatever it takes to ensure that they're the side claiming victory in November in a district that rarely fails to surprise in recent decades. For KWBU news, I'm Derek Smith.

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