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Higher Ed's Role In Democracy Theme Of Starr's Inauguration

Sept. 21, 2010

Following a charge from Dary Stone, chairman of Baylor's board of regents, Ken Starr was fitted with the robes and medallion commiserate with a a presidential inauguration.

The moment was proceeded by the pageantry of processions, music, and addresses from a number of dignitaries. It was fitting that the inauguration fell on Constitution Day, and the idea of a democracy shaped by that document was a theme throughout. Starr chose Yale Law Professor and acclaimed author Stephen L. Carter to deliver the keynote address, entitled "The Future of Democratic Debate." Carter, who has known Starr for decades, said Judge Starr embodies the qualities necessary to advance a civil and democratic society.

Starr continued the theme of the day by pondering the role of education in a young democracy. This was followed by an examination of the role that faith plays in an educational system that he said, too often, does not know exactly how to handle it.

Judge Starr wrapped up his inaugural address by touching on a topic that has become a theme this week: the rising cost of education. His first initiative as president is a $100 million dollar scholarship campaign. Starr sees Baylor as a leader in addressing the issue for students nationwide For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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