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Waco Symphony Internship Program Allow Students To Be Professionals, Part 2

Sept. 29, 2010

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At a symphony rehearsal earlier this week, dozens of musicians listened attentively to conductor Stephen Heyde, preparing to play for the community on Tuesday. Twenty of those musicians were Baylor students, who are often times twenty, thirty, or forty years younger than their counterparts in the orchestra. One of those interns is senior flutist Cara Trask.

She's getting a leg up on future competitors for jobs in symphony orchestras around the nation. Competition is fierce, as well over a hundred musicians can compete for a single chair. But beyond playing in front of crowds, she's also learning to overcome the pressures of competing for a spot. Conductor Stephen Heyde says learning to audition is key.

Everyone can relate to having to perform and be judged by others. An audition can be very nerve-wracking. Sitting behind a screen, being judged by some the chair of your department, along with other nameless and faceless judges, worrying that a single missed note could cost you an opportunity: it's a lot of pressure. Cara Trask felt that as a sophomore when she auditioned for an internship spot.

So if you learn to audition, you can earn a spot in the symphony. And if you earn a spot in the symphony, you learn more than just how to be a musician. You learn to be a professional.

The Waco Symphony Orchestra will perform numerous times in their current season between now and the spring. And you can hear these student musicians melding with the professionals, an arrangement special to Baylor University and the Waco Symphony. You can hear longer interviews about the symphony this Sunday at 3 on KWBU Rewind. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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