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Language Key To Community Educational Involvement

Nov. 18, 2010

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Elane Scott, president of Birth2Work, an organization whose goal is "igniting community leadership" according to their letterhead and building the future workforce, complimented Waco's focus that has remained steady since the Summit and Greater Waco Community Education Alliance began two years ago, encouraging them to keep it going while continually bringing new people into the conversation.

But to do that effectively, says Scott, there has to be a common language that everyone in the community--from the education executives to the poorest teen moms--understands.

Scott told a few hundred people attending yesterday's morning session that this means defining what success is for early childhood development on up to adulthood, what it means to be ready to learn, and what being a part of children's education entails. She compared it to a football team understanding signals in a huddle or a movie crew being on the same page.

In the coming weeks, we'll hear from community leaders on this goal of a shared language, and visit with Virginia DuPuy in a wrap-up session looking ahead from this year's summit. Prior stories from the summit are available online at kwbu.org/news. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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