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StoryCorps Sets Up Mobile Site In Waco, TX

Nov. 24, 2010

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Virginia Lora and Dana Glass, facilitators of the time StoryCorps spends in Waco, apologize for the clutter in the mobile unit that will be at home in Waco over the course of the next month. In that time, area residents will be sit inside and share conversation, learn more about each other, and maybe even end up on a StoryCorps broadcast.

Mitra Bonshahi is the senior coordinator for the mobile tour. She's hoping that people in the Waco area will find an interviewer or interviewee to come be a part, even if they don't initially think they have a lot in common or a story to tell.

Virginia Lora will be making Waco home until StoryCorps heads for its next destination. But that won't come until December 22nd. What makes being a part of StoryCorps memorable for her isn't a heart-wrenching story or a funny anecdote. It's just seeing people participate.

You can be a part of this. This Friday morning at ten, a new set of interview availabilities will open up. You can visit with a family member, teacher, neighbor, or anyone. Mitra Bonshahi explains how it works.

It's fitting that the first full day of StoryCorps interviews in Waco takes place on the National Day of Listening, started by StoryCorps founder Dave Isay. Facilitator Dana Glass.

Starting Friday, you can reserve the 40 minute interview slots by calling 1-800-850-4406. More information is available at our facebook page or online at KWBU.org. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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