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Central Texans Share Their Stories In Oral History Project

Nov. 29, 2010

Dana Glass shows us around the cozy settings of the Airstream trailer that travels the country and gathers stories from people nationwide. Now here in Waco, it hosted its first Central Texans Friday as the month long opportunity for area residents to participate in StoryCorps began. Through the week leading up to Christmas, you can reserve slots to share conversation and stories with loved ones, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. And many people have already done just that. Dr. Elton Stuckley, president of Texas State Technical College, opened the session at the diner-like table by talking to his secretary, Jan Osburn. He said his initial questions about whether or not he had 40 minutes of stories in him were quickly answered.

He said his secretary, knew him professionally as well as anyone, and she extracted his story about growing up on a nearby farm, becoming a student at the then-TSTI, and eventually working his way up to president. But Jan Osburn, even as well as she knew him, picked up some new tidbits.

While Dr. Stuckley and Jan Osburn know each other professionally, family certainly played a huge role in the StoryCorps experience over the first few days. Nan Holmes, executive director of Talitha Koum wanted to record some of her husband Walter's stories of growing up in Cajun country on tape.

Walter's wife Nan said the recorded aspect of the conversation and being "on the clock" didn't deter them from good conversation.

You can register to be part of a 40 minute session by calling 1-800-850-4406. The StoryCorps Airstream trailer is currently located by the Central Library at 18th and Austin. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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