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University Soccer Team Gives Back

Dec. 1, 2010

University Soccer

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It's the off-season for soccer. The University High soccer team won't start practice for at least another month. KWBU met up with the team in November when they served Thanksgiving dinner to over 1000 students and parents at Bells Hill Elementary.

Bells Hill serves K - 5th grade. This is the elementary that feeds University High. The elementary students look-up to their older counter parts at University. Bevel Cone is the Bells Hill principal.

Mike Chapman is the head coach for the team. He says he and his colleagues stress success in three areas: on the field, they want to win, in the classroom, the students need to keep their grades up to play, and in the community, the students must give back.

None of the soccer team was forced to be here today. It is a volunteer effort. Gabby Ramon is a sophomore on the University girls' soccer team:

I asked coach Chapman what characteristic he thought made his team do well in these areas--field, classroom, community--he said discipline.

KWBU FM will follow up with the University High School soccer team in February when they start the soccer buddy program--a mentorship program with the Bells Hill elementary school. For KWBU news, I'm Jacqueline Deavenport.

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