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Lorena Ballboy Breaks The Mold

Dec. 16, 2010

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The soundtrack of high school football will be played in only a few select stadiums this weekend, as the final chosen teams battle it out for state titles. That means that Lou Webb, maybe the oldest ball-boy in Texas, won't be working for and watching his beloved Lorena Leopards until next fall. But, as one of KWBU's unsung heroes, he's part of the lifeblood that programs across Texas come to rely on year-round.

Ray Biles has been a part of the Leopard football program for nearly two decades. Lou Webb may also be the only ballboy in Texas who has seniority on his head coach.

He got into this by accident. A mailman by day, he began helping out when his son was a manager for Lorena. Travis Webb went on to play for the Leopards, and his dad Lou was a fixture. A former high school player himself, Lou saw it as a way to be involved with the game and be around his son. He never imagined he'd still be doing it when his son was 31 years old, living 10 hours away in Kansas City. In that time he's been a water boy, an equipment manager, and a bus driver. And where's he's needed now is on the sidelines as a ballboy each Thursday and Friday night.

And after those long days, it's back to work for the Leopards on Thursday and Friday during the season. Coach Biles gets a kick out of introducing his ballboy to referees who aren't familiar with him.

Two decades with the program, the last fourteen coming after his son graduated. Webb laughs off the notion that some people wouldn't understand why he can't pull away from it, saying he's just lucky that his wife is okay with it.

So if you see a ballboy next year with a beard and graying hair, still walking with a spring in his step even though he's been walking around Lorena delivering mail for the last eight hours, know that he is an unsung hero who, even as players come and go, remains a Leopard through and through. Do you know of a person at your school like Lou Webb? Let us know. Send us an email and tell us. The address is derek@kwbu.org. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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