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Baylor Social Work School Makes The City Its Campus

Dec. 17, 2010

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Faculty, students, and alumni often joke about the "Baylor Bubble," a figurative cocoon that students live in that shields them from or keeps them unaware of the happenings in the broader Waco community.

That's the sound of the Baylor Bubble, if it really does exist, getting popped for Baylor social work students. At the conclusion of the semester, faculty and staff of the Baylor School of Social Work quickly packed boxes, loaded their cars, and began moving into their new location. It's not on campus, surrounded by other students and faculty. It's in the old Wells Fargo building in downtown Waco. They're putting the empty three-story building to use; its previously dormant doorways will soon be teeming with life. Vicky Kabat takes us on a tour, starting with the large lobby where many people once did their banking. It's now their living room.

The old bankers' offices will now host professors and classrooms. And the Baylor School of Social Work may have the safest computer lab in the area--it's the old bank vault. But more than putting an old building to use, they're taking themselves out of that figurative bubble and setting now squarely in the heart of the community they serve. Instead of seeing students and staff when they walk around their buildings, they're now surrounded by the varied groups that comprise the streets of downtown Waco.

Classes begin in January in the new building. You can see pictures online at KWBU.org. For KWBU News, I'm Derek Smith.

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