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Doris Miller Memorial Comittee Designates Artists

Jan. 16, 2011

Doris Miller

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Doris Miller is an American hero from humble beginnings who grew up on a sharecropper farm just outside of Waco. Today in Waco, a cemetery and YMCA branch bear his name. On May 27, 1942, Miller received the Navy Cross for his extraordinary courage in battle during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.

Planning for the Doris Miller Memorial in Waco began in the fall of 2009, and the project was pitched to the community and later approved by Waco city council October 2009. The Waco city council also made the Bledsoe-Miller Park, a 2-acre site partly named for the Navy Veteran, available for use for the project. The Cultural Arts of Waco, the non-profit organization heading up the project, sent out a request for proposals across the nation, January 2010. Almost one year later, on Monday, January 10, 2011, at the Bledsoe-Miller Recreation center, the finalist for the Doris Miller Memorial was unveiled.

A committee of 28 jurors--Waco citizens--consisting of community leaders, city planners, university and college professors, and business men and women--narrowed submissions down to the proposal of Stan Carroll, Beyond Metal, and Eddie Dixon, Sculptor.

An Oklahoma native, Stan Carroll's diverse portfolio is highlighted by the fabrication projects such as the daring steel stair at the Oklahoma Heritage center and the iconic One Grand Flame Pavilion for Chesapeake Energy. His furniture, conference tables, and sculptures are located within business and homes across Oklahoma, Texas, and New York. Recently, a collaborative design of which Carroll is a lead designer was selected for the 195 ft. tall, $12 million, SkyDance Pedestrian Bridge located over I-40 in Oklahoma City.

Carroll has won several awards from the American Institute of Architects. He is a registered architect and registered interior designer and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oklahoma and a B.S. in Architectural Studies from Oklahoma State University.

Carroll's partner in the project is sculptor Eddie Dixon. Dixon came into the art scene a little late, he says, but he has seen much success as a sculptor, with a niche in war heroes. In less than two decades, Dixon has had over 20 major commissions. Dixon's art can be found in national historical sites, the pentagon, West Point, Smithsonian museums, in and National Parks throughout the United States. His works are also in the private collections of Colin Powell, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, the late Alex Haley, Bill Leckey and others.

The Doris Miller Memorial project is hardly finished. Over the course of the next year, Cultural Arts of Waco and community members heading up the project must raise the $1,000,000 for the projected budget of the commission. Thus far, over $50,000 has been raised for the memorial. The completion of the sculpture is scheduled for November 2012 and it will debut Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day, that same year.

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