Local Film Festival Looks to Create Community through Storytelling

Jan 24, 2017

Next month, Waco will become a hub for all things cinema as the Deep in the Heart Film Festival is set to kick off. The festival is in its first year and will be full of young filmmakers hoping to get their big-break and movie-lovers looking to catch a weekend full of film. 

When Louis Hunter and Samuel Thomas took their short film "Moving Day" on the festival circuit they learned some lesson, namely about film and about festivals. But Hunter says they also walked away, inspired to start their own film festival in Waco. 

In this conversation you'll hear about the Deep in the Heart Film Festival, how it got started and what you can expect. 

Hunter on the inspiration to start a film festival in Waco:

"One thing we've seen everywhere, which I think is pretty universal, is people love movies. People love stories, they love to hear great storytelling. That's what we wanted to bring to Waco is this idea of community and this idea of storytelling." 

Hunter on the support they received from other film festivals:

"It was easy for us to go to these other festival directors and say, 'hey, I think I'm crazy enough to do this.' Tell me what I need to know."

Hunter on what viewers can expect at the different blocks, or sections of films at the festival:

"Some blocks are gonna make you cry, some blocks are gonna make you laugh,  some blocks are gonna make you scream, and we even have one block I think that will make you do all three."