New KWBU Line Up

May 30, 2018

As we do at the end of every fiscal year (5/31), we look at the program schedule and see what is and isn't working. And if we can still afford what we feel is a pretty stellar line up.

This year we made a few changes, for a better flow with the addition of one new weekend program.    

The Splendid Table moves to 7am Saturday with the encore airing at 3pm Sunday.

This American Life moves to Saturday at noon - while keeping the Sunday air time at 11am.

New to the schedule is  Milk Street Radio.  It will air twice weekly - Saturdays at 1pm and Sundays at noon.

Travel with Rick Steves stays in the line up but shifts to 2pm Saturday and Sunday at 8pm.

Latino USA moves to 3pm Saturday and is the lead into All Things Cnsidered. 

Innovation Hub will air at 5pm Saturday with Podcast Playlist at 5pm Sunday.

Selected Shorts shifts to 6pm on Sunday. 

I Hear America Singing moves from Monday 9pm to Sunday 9pm.   

Credit Joani Livingston

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we'll have Classical Music with Steve Seel from 8pm - 10pm. 

Click here to see the weekly program grid.