Downtown Depot

First and Third Fridays at 11:30am and 8pm
  • Hosted by Austin Meek

We’ve moved into 2018 with a move in the broadcast time of Downtown Depot.   You’ll now hear the show at 11:30am. We’re still twice a month on the first and third Fridays, but we’re on at 11:30 -reaching even more of you who head out on that lunch break and want to get your news while you do it. Downtown Depot every first and third Friday, now at 11:30am with the rebroadcast airing at 8pm.

Downtown Depot is a partnership with Waco Business News and KWBU. Featuring host Austin Meek, the 30-minute show looks at the ins and outs of development in Waco. Each week you can hear interviews with local entrepreneurs, city officials, and people with a stake in developing our city on the Brazos.

During the show you'll also hear updates about new businesses, closures and development rumblings around town. But we also want to hear from you. Is there a building or an update on development that you want to know about? Let us know. 

Austin Meek of shares his thoughts on one year of hosting 'Downtown Depot' on KWBU-FM.

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Downtown Depot - Kris Collins

Jan 5, 2018

Austin Meek, of talks with Kris Collins, Senior Vice President of Economic Development for the Greater Waco Chamber. Austin also makes his predictions for 2018 in this edition of Downtown Depot. 

Downtown Depot: Dan Ingham

Dec 15, 2017

This week on Downtown Depot, Austin Meek of Waco Business talks with Dan Ingham, VP of Marketing and Communication for first National Bank of Central Texas, about his decade plus stint on KWTX Channel 10 and how it prepared him for life outside the studio. He also talks with Jed Cole of Waco Hat Company and gives us an update on Waco's first drink truck. 

Downtown Depot: Andrea Barefield

Dec 1, 2017

Austin Meek of talks with Andrea Barefield about her and her mothers work in the city of Waco. 

Downtown Depot: Chris McGowan

Nov 17, 2017

Austin Meek, of, talks with Chris McGowan about downtown development and with Half Price Books set to return to Waco, Austin highlights the importance of shopping local. 

Downtown Depot: Sara Martin

Nov 3, 2017

This week on Downtown Depot, Austin highlights Cultivate 712 and talks with Sara Martin, the owner of Gather and Kindred Event Studios. 

Downtown Depot - Lane Murphy

Oct 20, 2017

Austin Meek of talks with Lane Murphy, news editor of the Baylor Magazine, and Instagrammer Thomas Wensil.

Austin Meek discusses Ashley Bean-Thornton's visit to Cincinnati with the Greater Waco Chamber, and Andy Day's Mary Claret clothing line. 

Downtown Depot: Summer Shine

Sep 22, 2017

Austin Meek of  sat down with Summer Shine, owner of Luna Juice Bar, to talk about how she turned her life around after a history of drug abuse to a healthier direction. Austin also has updates on proposals for the Heritage Square redevelopment.  

Downtown Depot - Marshall Stewman

Sep 15, 2017

Austin Meek of talks with Alton Patton about the upcoming production of "The Fertile River", and picks Marshall Stewman's brain.  

Downtown Depot: Blair Brooks

Sep 1, 2017

Austin interviews  Blair Brooks, director of marketing at Chick-fil-a Baylor, and discusses Pinewood Roasters and Nancy Grayson's newest project. 

Downtown Depot: John Kinnaird

Aug 18, 2017

Austin Meek, owner of, talks with Nancy Grayson about a new cottage development and interviews Waco Councilman John Kinnaird. 

Downtown Depot: Jimmy Dorrell

Jul 21, 2017

In this episode, Austin Meek of talks with Jimmy Dorrell, executive Director of Mission Waco. They discuss how Jimmy has fought poverty in Waco for nearly four decades and how others can get involved as well. Meek also has updates on Mary Avenue Market and the rumors of a food hall coming to Waco. 

Downtown Depot: Ellen Mote

Jul 10, 2017

In this episode of Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek is joined by Ellen Mote of EM Jewelry + Design. Mote discusses her yo-yo relationship with the craft: discovering it in college, setting it aside for a period, and finally returning to the art, now with commercial success in tow. Meek also remembers the late Reverend Wilbert Austin, discusses the documentary "What About Waco" and billboards a new dining concept coming to downtown. 

Downtown Depot: Youngdae Moon

Jun 16, 2017

Austin Meek of  sat down with Youngdae Moon for this edition of Downtown Depot. You may have noticed Youngdae on the podium of the Texas Food Truck Showdown when his deep fried tamale balls took home the hardware for best international food.  Austin and Youngdae dive deep on the benefits and difficulties of serving ethnic food in Waco. 

Downtown Depot: Fiona Bond

Jun 2, 2017

Austin Meek of sits down this week with Fiona Bond.  Fiona has worked in the arts and culture sectors for over two decades and currently serves as the Executive Director of Creative Waco.