Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments

Sundays 8:35 am; Mondays 6:32 pm.
  • Hosted by Robert Darden

Author and Baylor University professor Robert Darden tells stories -- and plays recordings -- from the Baylor University Libraries' Black Gospel Music Restoration Project in an on-going weekly series of two-minute segments. Shout! Black Gospel Music Moments explores the distinctly African-American sound of the "Golden Age of Gospel" (1945-1975). The series celebrates this fertile musical period in American history, presenting cultural snapshots that reveal the depth of a people, their community, and the influence they have had on the rest of American music.

Philadelphia's Angelic Gospel Singers toured and recorded great gospel music for more than 40 years.

This Detroit native takes "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" in an entirely new direction.

Her slow-burn reading of Andrae's "Nobody Like the Lord" is priceless.

Enjoy the Holy Spirit-led power of "Rain Down Fire"

"Demonstration Protest" is a great example of gospel funk.

Sellers toured the world, sang with Mahalia and performed on Broadway.

The title track to Come Up to Mount Zion is a foot stoming hand-clapping Holy Ghost revival song. 

The Eternal Chariot Singers' "I'll Be Free" is a rare beauty. 

This Southern soul gospel artist never received the acclaim his talent deserved. 

Anyone who has said "Those who can't, teach" obviously hasn't heard about the Famous Boyer Brothers of gospel music.

Rev. Willingham, backed by the Supreme Angels, delivers a fiery reworking of the old children's song. 

"Sit Down, Servant" is one of the hits from their tribute LP, We Remember Rufus

The Charles Taylor singers tear it up on "Gonna Be All Right."

"Lord, Hear My Plea" is a funky preview of a great career to come. 

The title track was recorded after the assassination of Dr.  Martin Luther King