Art and Culture

Art and culture

Compelling memoir of poverty among whites and African-Americans in 1950s Alabama

You can't go wrong when you sing a classic by the Rev. Clay Evans

Peculiar story of a pair of young lovers, who are con-artists, working on a desert ranch.

Esther Ford's "I'm Striving" sounds like a gospel-version of one of those glorious girl-group hits of the mid-1960's

Shocking story of incredible corruption in 15th century Vatican of Pope Alexander VI

Edwin Hawkins' signature song was an unlikely hit in 1969.

Stimulating novel, which is a sequel to Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady



The Rev. Charles A. Tindley is one of the fathers of gospel music. 

Conversations With Creative Waco: Rebecca Hagman

Jan 26, 2018

Host Rae Jefferson talks with Rebecca Hagman about Cultivate 712 and Fiona Bond is hear to tell you all about Creative Waco and the what the organization does for the arts.

Nobel Prize winning author has a wonderful story loosely based on Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex.

The Gospel Chimes' three lead vocalist gave the Chicago group a varied and challenging sound. 

Charming and funny novel of an aspiring actress and all the obstacles she faces.


The old story of "Nicodemus" gets the close harmony treatment by the Elete Jubilee Singers.

Ethereal story of a young loner, a woman alone in a cabin with her son, and an absent father.

Lorraine Ellison created both rock n' roll and gospel classic songs.