The Mueller Report Is Free To Read, But It's Also A Bestseller

You can read the redacted Mueller report right now, free, on the Department of Justice website . Or you can read it here on . But perhaps reading 448-page PDFs isn't your thing. Or you don't have enough ink to print all those pages, and someone would notice if you stood next to the office printer for the next 45 minutes or so, adding new reams of paper, only to see it print out black boxes obscuring portions of the text from the public. Well, you wouldn't be alone: The Mueller report...

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More than 200 people have been killed in coordinated bombings across Sri Lanka. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro gets the latest on the ground in Colombo from journalist Lisa Fuller.

Chicago's Kelly Brothers bounced around gospel music for a while, cutting great songs,  but never catching a break before moving to King Records in 1963 to record the R&B hit "It Won't Be This Way Always" as the Kingpins  - the year before thr King label went out of business. 

On a bright Sunday afternoon in early March, the Tamir River in the steppes of Mongola becomes a bowling alley. Two dozen Mongolian herdsmen have gathered to play musun shagai, known as "ice shooting." Right now, the ice on the river is perfect. Clear and smooth. The players are cheerful and focused.

Their goal? To send a small copper puck called a zakh down a 93-yard stretch of ice and knock over several cow ankle bones, painted red, none bigger than a golf ball, at the other end. Extra points for hitting the biggest target, made of cow skin.

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More than 200 people were killed and hundreds more injured after explosions tore through Sri Lanka in a series of coordinated blasts that struck churches and hotels. It marked the country's worst violence since the end of its civil war in 2009.

The blasts started as people began gathering for Mass on Easter Sunday. In Colombo, the country's capital, blasts were reported at St. Anthony's Shrine and three high-end hotels: the Shangri-La, the Cinnamon Grand and the Kingsbury.

At least 130 people have been killed in coordinated bombings in Sri Lanka that targeted luxury hotels and churches, as people gathered for Easter services.

The Iowa caucuses are still nine months away, and with at least 20 Democrats either considering a run or officially declared, many of them are looking for ways to stand out in the crowded field. One tried-and-true way: show up in voters' homes.

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Yellow vest protests grew violent on Saturday as firefighters battled several fires amid clouds of tear gas in eastern Paris.


Act Locally Waco - Events April 19 - 25

This week on Act Locally Waco , host Ashley Thornton brings us events this Easter weekend as well as several fundraisers like Wild Torch and the annual Family Health Center Gala. There are also several artistic events to check out - including Historic Waco Foundation Spring Lecture on photographer Fred Gildersleeve and events for National Poetry Month.

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