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Likely Stories Host to Retire - Public Reception Scheduled


Retirement Reception - Feb. 7, 11am - 2pm in the KWBU Community Room at 2100 River Street

There are some books that you hate to have end. Sometimes the ending even brings a tear to your eye. That is how I felt when Jim McKeown informed of us his decision to retire from his weekly radio segment Likely Stories.

McKeown has been connected to KWBU since 1999 - as a founding member of Waco Public Radio, prior to the station becoming an NPR affiliate. He became a member as soon as he heard that NPR was coming to town. He also served on the KWBU advisory council for ten years.

Jim gave countless hours making Likely Stories, which many didn't realize was a local segment, a favorite feature of many listeners.

His wife Ramona joined in helping with web content for each weekly episode - also on a volunteer basis.

To say the McKeowns have been champions for KWBU would be an understatement! I told Jim that there are not enough words in all of the books he's read to convey my appreciation for all he's done for KWBU.

This month we will take a look back at some of Jim's favorite episodes. The book will close, so to speak, with a final airing January 26, 2023.

There will also be a piece on Jim and Likely Stories airing later this month on KWBU.

—Brodie Bashaw
KWBU Station Manager