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Baylor University Journalism Partnership - BearAid Brings Relief After Natural Disasters

Mason Flippin

Baylor University initiative, BearAid, takes disaster relief nationwide and reaches parts of the country who have been struck with tragedy.

After beginning during the COVID-19 pandemic, BearAid began delivering meals and supplies to Baylor students who were quarantined. The team had such a passion for helping those in need, they began to look forward and ask themselves, “how can we serve those in need outside of the Baylor community?”

With little to no resources and knowledge, BearAid’s team of faculty and students felt stuck. They began reaching out to local disaster relief organizations like Texans on a Mission and the McLennan County Disaster Relief Organization to see how they could start traveling and helping those in need.

These two disaster relief initiatives brought the resources needed to BearAid and in return, the Baylor organization began traveling and lending a helping hand to those who needed it.

Since 2021, BearAid has traveled to different parts of Texas during the ice storms that knocked out power, Louisiana to help during hurricane Ida and Kentucky to aid during the F4 tornado of December 2021.

Baylor senior Mason Flippin has been on two missions with BearAid.

“No matter what people are going through, we can inspire change through BearAid and that it’s a great opportunity for growth for students and to help grow communities that have been through a lot of trouble,” Flippin said.

Most recently, BearAid visited Rolling Fork, Mississippi, where a tornado destroyed most of the town in March 2023.

BearAid continues to serve communities in a multitude of ways and hopes to go global with an on-call team of vibrant students.