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November 7, 2023 Election Results

Autumn Jones

Here is what we know from yesterday's election.

The votes are in and change is in store for cities all across McLennan county. Here is what we know from yesterday's election.

In the city of West, a new mayor, David Pratka, was elected to lead the city for the next four years.

Larry D. Sparks and Laurie Tresl will take up new roles as members of the West ISD Board of Trustees.

Midway ISD's proposition to turn a net tax decrease into school district improvement successfully passed.

The city of Bruceville-Eddy has re-elected Linda Owens as mayor. Propositions 1 and 2, aimed at adopting a local sales tax in Bruceville-Eddy for city maintenance and development, and a tax rate increase to support local business and tourism, were both passed as well.

In Robinson, the public has chosen new city council members, including Jimmy Rogers, Brittany Mclean, and Charlie Burch.

Mart ISD sought public approval for three propositions totaling $50,000,000 worth of bonds for school security and maintenance; all three propositions passed.

Waylan Neil Goodwin has secured a position as a new member of the Moody ISD Board of Trustees. Proposition A, which sought public approval for the issuance of $12,000,000 worth of bonds to enhance Moody public schools also passed.

For more information and to stay up to date on election results, you can visit the McLennan county official government website at

For 103.3 Waco Public Radio, I’m Autumn Jones.