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Cameron Park Zoo prepares for animal reactions to total eclipse

Lions, tigers and an eclipse. Oh, my. With the April 8th total eclipse in less than two weeks, the Cameron Park Zoo is preparing for visitors interested in seeing animal reactions to total darkness.

Zoo curator Connie Kastner says she is excited to get visitors involved in the zoo's observation process.

"As you come to the zoo, there'll be a tent out front where you can check in and get an observation form or a booklet. We want to see what the animals are doing during the eclipse. This has never happened. If they change, if they don't, if they're just like, uh, meh, it got dark. And then once you've finished with that and you leave the zoo for the day, you can turn that in and then get a sticker that commemorates the eclipse at the zoo."

Zoo director Brendan Wiley says that most animals may not have a unique reaction, but some research points to an increase in tortoise mating and silence in bird chirping. However, there is another animal Brendan recommends visitors observe during the eclipse.

"The place I want to be at the zoo is right here at the elephant exhibit. Elephants are incredibly smart, perceptive animals. And I'm just curious to see how Timbo reacts."

The zoo ensures that their animals will be well taken care of during the eclipse and zookeepers will be on alert for any adverse responses. If you want to get more information on tickets and events, check out the Cameron Park Zoo's website.