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Cowboy couple travels from Wyoming to see total eclipse

Abbey Ferguson

One adventure-seeking and space-loving couple traveled from Wyoming all the way to Waco to watch the April 8 total solar eclipse.

"So I have I lost my mind because that was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my entire life. I it was akin to like walking up to the Grand Canyon, the edge of the Grand Canyon, and just seeing it in all of its grandeur."

The eclipse brought people wide and far to Waco to watch totality.
Much like Wyoming residents Aiden Ferguson and Jordan Sasso.

Young and in love, the couple has traveled on multiple road trips to see some of the world's greatest features. And this was no different. Aiden recently graduated from the University of Wyoming with his bachelors in Astrophysics and Chemistry. He said he had been anticipating the eclipse for months and it exceeded his expectations.

"It's cool place just to be and because there's a lot of people that are interested in the field that I was studying, even if it's just for a brief 5 minutes during totality that people are interested in it. But it's as close to most people getting involved in astrophysics that I've seen before."

During the solar eclipse in 2017, Jordan was in direct line of totality.
Her small town of Guernsey, Wyoming, only has one stoplight. And she recalls it was backed up for hours.

"So young, I don't really remember in its entirety. So it's really cool to like, actually experience it all again, being in a totally different state. I mean, I've only been to Texas twice now," Jordan said.

This experience has been extra special because she gets to share it with someone she loves.

Before Eclipse Day, the couple enjoyed some local Waco activities, including the symphony and a lantern parade at the Suspension bridge. They said they wanted to get the totality of the Waco experience before heading back west. 1321 miles seems like quite the trip, but it appears that it was well worth it for these two cowboys.

In partnership with Baylor University for KWBU News, I'm Abbie Ferguson.

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