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Business Review - “The Importance of Building Brand Behavior”


Branding is everything. In this episode of the Business Review, New York ad agency chief Kristi Faulkner explains why businesses need to focus on their brand message from top to bottom. 

Whether you’re a new startup, a small business or a multi-national corporation, branding is everything, says Kristi Faulkner, CEO of the New York ad agency Womenkind. And in today’s hyper-connected world, building consistent brand behavior is more important than ever. 

I think brands are in a position right now are in a bad position to suffer if they’re not authentic. Brand behavior is a beacon of how the brand expresses itself across every category and dimension of the business. So whether it’s internally, whether it’s externally, whether it’s in a Super Bowl ad or a Tweet, that behavior needs to be consistent. And when it’s consistent, then you build trust with the consumer. 

Faulkner says all the engagement points with consumers need to remain consistent, including interaction on social media, a segment of marketing often left to interns or less strategically connected team members.

Everyone in business today should be conscious of their brand everything needs to be on-brand with a consistent voice all the time. Really working hard to make sure that you are unwavering in your commitment to the brand purpose that you’ve set out to develop — I think that that’s the most critical thing, regardless or size or scope.

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