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Business Review - “Shattering the Glass Ceiling In IT”


Women face many factors in regards to advancement and persistence in an Information Technology career. Dr. Cindy Riemenschneider, professor at Baylor University, discusses her research about shattering the glass ceiling in this episode of the Business Review.

Dr. Cindy Riemenschneider, professor of information systems, shares her research about the factors influencing women’s career advancement and persistence in the IT field.

One of the unique findings that we had, women have made some good strides with regard to the work-family balance, and work-family balance influencing their persistence to stay in an IT career. We did find that social expectations are one of the potential factors often influence a woman's career advancement in the field. That might have to do with things she experiences with regard to discrimination, pay that's not equitable, politics within the organization, those are different examples of things that would be some of the social expectations that might influence her.

Dr. Riemenschneder hopes organizations can implement programs to help women in the field, and shares some encouragement to these women directly.

One of the things that organizations can do that might benefit women in terms of advancement is have formal programs where there are opportunities for networking advancement in the IT profession. Do not feel like you are alone. There are other women out there that may also be having those challenges. But do not give up. Do not stop your hard work.

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