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Business Review - Communication is Key

Craig Ceccanti credits their success to the intimate partnership the company has with their franchisees. 

Social art pioneer Pinot’s Palette is the pinnacle of the popular paint-and-sip industry. Co-founder Craig Ceccanti credits their success to the intimate partnership the company has with their franchisees. He says combining new technology with owner and customer feedback gives them the edge over their competition.”
“Speed is absolutely critical in innovation, so as these ideas come in from the field, you have to have a team that’s prepared to absorb that and bounce it off of the other lessons learned we’ve had nationwide, put together guidelines and packages, maybe even get supply involved because there may be supplies needed to deliver that extraordinary customer service. Pushing out these things are what’s allowing our owners to really thrive in the market and continue to beat the competition.”
Opening the dialogue with franchise owners, incorporating suggestions and sharing ideas gives owners inspiration for their local customers, which has led to Pinot’s Palette receiving top honors for franchisee satisfaction.
“We’re really getting to build a much deeper relationship with our customers through this program. They’ve really opened our eyes to how people can use Pinot’s Palette. We expect it to be girls’ night, date night, kids’ party, team building, those are our core and staples.  But we hear bigger stories.  Just incredible stories from customers of how they’re using us and putting themselves in their lives and building those memories, way beyond just drinking a little wine and painting a painting — which is what drives the whole organization every day.”
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