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Business Review - Get It Done

How can one word have a profound impact on performance and motivation? 

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If you've ever had a hard time getting started or finishing a task, Brett Powe, CEO and Professional Coach shares how one little word can impact performance and motivate people to get it done.
“I've always been intrigued by the topic of purpose and how it impacts performance. If your purpose aligns with your work or your personal goals, your life, then you're more motivated. You're more inspired when it doesn't align. When we don't really have a purpose, you're not motivated. Certainly you're not inspired. There's purpose behind success or failure.”
Power says, purpose can add value to the little actions, boost, morale, and can help teams accomplish their goals
“When you're happier and you know what you're doing, and you're excited about it, and you're inspired, you're better to be around. I mean, you're happier and it kind of gives you this kind of quiet confidence. and imagine that in a company or on a team, if everybody knows their why they know why they're doing,  imagine what a team can accomplish. Purpose provides a compass. So life is hard. We get things thrown at us all the time, whether you're in life or business. So purpose helps us get over those obstacles that keeps us focused. It keeps us on task. It lets us know where we're going. And if all of those things are in line, I mean you can accomplish whether you're in business, whether personally you can accomplish anything you want. You know, if you understand your why, then, then you're going to be a whole lot more motivated and you're going to be a whole lot more driven to succeed. Well, once you know where you want to go and you have that purpose, it guides your actions. It guides your habits. It guides your attitude. It guides motivation and focus towards achieving those goals.
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