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Business of Health Care: Keto


There are many proven diets out there, and many diet fads that come and go. One of the most talked about - and many would say controversial - diet trends right now is the ketogenic diet, or keto. 

Keto is a low carb, high fat diet that claims to spur weightloss by making your body use different pathways to derive energy. 

By burning fat for energy - also known as ketones - the body enters a state called ketosis. 

While it may be one of the hottest dieting trends now, keto actually has been recommended by medical professionals for certain people with uncontrolled epilepsy since as far back as the 1920s. 

Ketosis has been linked to fewer seizures in people with epilepsy, though how precisely it achieves this is unclear. 

As far as the broader application of the keto diet, some early research suggests that it could have positive benefits on controlling blood sugar for people with diabetes. 

While studies ae underway looking at the long-term implications of keto on weightloss and health, there are some known negative side effects of similar low carb diets including headaches, constipation and other ailments. 

Also, people who follow the keto diet often end up cutting out - or significantly limiting - healthy foods that provide important nutrients that can't be found in fatty foods. 

While some celebrities may cheer the keto diet, it's a much safer bet to check with your physician or other medical professional before making a diet change as drastic as keto.