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KWBU Community Events

You asked to bring it back and we listened so here's your official invitation:

Join us for a book-lovers soiree on March 19 at the Brazos Theater in Waco. KWBU's fantastic Likely Stories contributors will be on hand to share their favorite book reviews so far this year and give YOU a chance to join the conversation with time for Q&A with our esteemed panelists. It’s a bibliophile’s paradise!

Doors open at 6:00 for finger foods and mingling, and the LIVE event kicks off at 6:30pm.

Tickets are $15 and limited.

Buy Tickets Here

Are you a lover of literature? A fan of the written word, both fiction and non fiction alike? Are you searching for like minded people to share your passion with?

If so, then look no further.

KWBU's is proud to announce the 'Likely Stories Book Club.'

Likely Stories has been a local favorite for many years, and now a new chapter in it's long standing history is about to begin.

Each month we will select a book, from a list of titles reviewed on-air the month prior. Once a title is selected the Likely Stories Book Club will meet on a date, at a location, that will be announced both here and on-air.

Alongside discussing the book in question, the monthly meeting will also be where the next book selection is announced.

The inaugural title for the Likely Stories Book Club is 'Last Summer on State Street' by Toya Wolfe.

Which was previously reviewed on Likely Stories by Gia Chevis.

The first meeting of the Likely Stories Book Club iwill be taking place March 7th at Union Hall, Waco, 720 Franklin Avenue.

We'll be getting together in their Upstairs meeting area at 6pm.

To become a part of this exciting endeavor and for further information you can sign up to join the Likely Stories Book Club mailing list right here.

On April 8th, avoid the hustle and bustle happening across town and join your friends from KWBU at Brotherwell Brewing.

Starting at 11am, we'll have live music, food trucks, family friendly games and great conversation. It's a fantastic way to experience this once in a lifetime event, in the comfort of a fun, chilled out environment.

The first 300 people will receive free solar glasses, perfect...and essential, for witnessing such a wonderful and rare anomaly.

So bring a lawn chair or a picnic blanket and come on down to Brotherwell Brewing at 400 E Bridge Street, for an occasion that promises to be out of this world!