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Commissioners Court to Update Precinct Boundaries

Mclennan County Commisioners Court

The McLennan Commissioners Court is set to discuss redistricting proposals tomorrow. The first is part of a plan that would bring the county into compliance with state law.

McLennan County Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe says every two years boundaries are re-evaluated to ensure compliance.

“As the cities are incorporating, they’re continuing to change their boundaries and as those boundaries are changing we need to look at making changes to our precinct boundaries.”

Texas Election Code states that a “commissioners court may not establish a county election precinct containing territory inside a city with a population of 10,000 or more – or unincorporated territory outside that city.”

Van Wolfe says that Waco, Hewitt and Robinson are the cities that fall under that requirement in McLennan County.

The changes – she says – would not affect representation.

“It doesn’t affect any voters, these that were made. Any representation we make sure that the state lines, the state lines, the JP lines, the city and school lines will remain the same so your representation doesn’t change.”

Also on the agenda, is a proposed McLennan County Republican Party precinct boundary realignment plan.

The plan was originally introduced 2 years ago and may undergo some changes.